Garment Production Planning Meeting Minutes
Garment Production Planning Meeting Minutes

Garment Production Planning Meeting Minutes Specifications

Garment Production Planning

  • Mr. ZZZ  started with a proposal of introducing Fabric Team for fabric procurement to achieve better supply chain correspond regarding fabric issue. It can be maintain by Production Planning Software. aaa
  • He also talked about Garment Production Planning schedule & later on adjustment due to difference between actual & virtual quantity.
  • Some of the fabric issue was resolved after previous meeting, but still problem with TCNS buyer’s fabric is still there.  
  • Mending issue for fabric came as a vital point which became a headache for the factory concern & identified as a major barrier for on time flawless shipment.
  • Some accessories & finishing rework issues were identified which was creating difficult situation for the factory.
  • Lack of space in finishing space creating problem to store finished goods (due to advance production).
  • Proper breakdown of order sheet required for hustle free assortment in production & packing. (specially for Perry Ellis)
  • Decrease of production efficiency has been identified due to lack of order.
  • Discussion began with same mending issue but at a different perspective, as Mr. MMM believes it is a lot safer to mend fabric before going for cutting or production as Mr. LLL preferred mending on finished garments. 
  • Delay in fabric delivery by local mills . Often they delay to give their opinion how they will resolve fabric defect which cause us shipment delay.
  • Accessories are not being received on given time.  He mentioned some merchandisers place booking of finishing item very lately which causes difficulties to execute consignment in due time.
  • Order crisis in factory  resulting decrease in efficiency.
  • Thread inhouse issue creating production delay.
  • Thread issue will be solved within very short he mentioned but adding another note on thread issue, he mentioned to get thread approval before getting PP sample approval.
  • In reply to factory concern on advance production issue, he mentioned in some cases an order contains several PO & some of them have delay shipment date but to achieve pick Garment Production Planning efficiency production is done in one shot.
  • Mr. HHH started with reply to grumbles against factory , as he mentioned most of the cases they don’t get wash standard to follow to achieve desired wash quality. Moreover for delayed delivery of goods  caused by buying office as they don’t provide wash approval on time. Some  reasonable time is required to execute an order but in most of the cases they don’t get enough time.
  • Mr. XXX gave his observation on meeting as he appreciated everyone for their open discussion. In his observation factory need some improvement in their supply chain & technical dept. An internal team of expert team he proposed can be introduced to resolve the technical issue of Garment Production Planning

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