In the interests of safety and security, the number of vehicles permitted entry into the site shall be minimized. This will be achieved by the use of vehicle passes, which shall be approved by AUTO Equipment Inspector only after a full inspection of the vehicle and a valid insurance & registration certificate is produced. Online Vehicle Management System Software

  • No one is allowed to take out any goods owned by the factory without proper authorization. Gate Passes signed by the issuer, receiver and authorized person will be required for goods or equipments taken out for repair or processing. The reason must be clearly stated on the gate pass and the security guard after checking will sign and count the goods that are taken out. Samples sent out by the merchandizing department needs to be authorized by the Senior Merchandiser or the Executive Director.
  • Partner/Subcontractor shall request the Security Officer to issue a vehicle permit for the vehicles/equipment using the Vehicle/Equipment Permit Application.
  • The Security Office shall make access to electronic date base to find out that the vehicles/equipment applied for the permit both for permanent and temporary permit have successfully completed AUTO  inspection mentioned above and approved by AUTO  equipment inspector.
  • A Permanent vehicle/equipment permit will be granted within 24 hours after integrate of the application is confirmed.
  • A temporary permit with validity of 7 days will be issued immediately on completion of AUTO  equipment inspector and accepted its operations.
  • AUTO  Security Officer shall maintain details of all permit holders in electronic database, which shall identify those vehicles/equipment that have previously been refused access to the work site.
  • Partner/Subcontractor shall maintain a current database of all vehicles/equipment employed by themselves and their lower tier subcontractors on the project, against permit numbers, and shall submit listings to AUTO  Security Officer on a daily basis.
  • Unauthorized person will not be allowed in the premises. If any visitor or employee is not wearing identity tags or badge issued by the company should be challenged and asked to provide proper identification. Anyone who is acting suspicious or who may require questioning or anyone encountered outside of normal working hours, should be investigated. Manager Administration should be immediately informed of such person and incident. Law enforcing authorities can also be contacted if needed.
  • All camp accommodation shall be contained by perimeter fencing and patrolled by security guards.
  • As with the work site, access and egress shall be strictly controlled and monitored. Security lighting shall be installed where necessary.
  • The Security Officer shall conduct a security awareness programme for the camp which shall include a number of talks, publicity etc.
  • All AUTO  and Partner/Subcontractor vehicles must have a unique colored square plus unique numbers on a venicle/equiprnent face a higher elevation at front and rear for easy identification
  • Vehicle/Equipment permit must be prominently displayed inside the windscreen at all times.
  • The location of facilities and coverage will be revised throughout the project by the Security Officer in accordance with project requirements, and following an assessment by him of loss potential.
  • Key issues to be considered include;
  • Perimeter fencing around the construction site and camp.
  • Physical restraints between construction, commissioning and operational controlled areas
  • Location of guardhouses proximate to key installations, such as substations, warehousing facilities, marshalling yards etc.
  • Optimum location of accesses/egresses.
  • Schedule of material and equipment delivery.


SMI shall implement a journey management system ostensibly to be applied for four wheel drive. Off-road excursions, or where journeys are undertaken in isolated environment or well known high risk areas. The active planning and management of such journey shall include a documented risk assessment. Performed to identify hazards, mitigation and control of those hazards and an emergency response plan. There will be no exceptions to this rule. As part of the journey management a responsible person shall be designated to monitor the safe progress of any such journey, and he must be advised of the Expected Time of Arrival (ETA) and Expected Time of Departure (ETD) of the schedule related to journey.

   For routine journeys and journeys of non-hazardous of non-perilous nature, the contractor shall implement a travel schedule which will be planned to reduce driver fatigue and that daily limitation on driving time and distance can be complied with. For journeys exceeding four hours, positive rest periods shall be defined prior to departure and shall be strictly adhered to.

   In the event that any vehicle whether in a journey as described above or any routine journey that is more than one hour past its ETA without any communication given or cannot be contacted by using all means of communication devices such as radio or mobile phone an alert will be raised and the emergency response plan will be implemented.

With the exception of emergency situations, right driving is strictly prohibited.


  • SMI will make a proper planning to make sure that the flow of traffic within the construction
  • area and the nearby communities is properly controlled. Dispatching of vehicle will be
  • controlled to minimize the hazards associated with the transportation including road
  • congestion especially to the neighboring communities. Vehicle producing excessive noises
  • or beyond the noise level standard shall be subject to maintenance.


     Any movements of wide loads (which extend beyond the body of the transport vehicles and  encroach into the oncoming traffic lane or shoulder of the road) are required to have authorization from HSE Manager and  the Local authorities (if will be passing into public road) prior  to commencing.

     The in-charge section shall make a written request to be submitted with a minimum of 48 hours notice. This written request must include the following;

     • Date and Time of expected movement


Front Wall

  • Check if blocks and vents are visible
  • Use tool to tap front wall and listen for hollow sound
  • Check for any fake block or if block close to vent
  • Check front wall color and compare to side walls

Left Side Wall

  • Check if unusual repairs to structure beams
  • If there were repairs to the walls on the inside of the container, they must be visible in the outside
  • Use tool to tap side walls and listen for hollow sound

Right Side Wall

  • Check for unusual repairs to structure beams
  • If there were repairs to the walls on the inside of the container, they must be visible in the outside.
  • Use tool to tap side walls and listen for hollow sound


  • Floor should be a certain height from the ceiling.
  • Check if false or additional compartment being made on the floor.