Truck Tracking

Truck Tracking Ltd is Bangladesh’s first transport exchange online platform powered by one of the world’s most advanced computerized load matching systems. This online platform aims to develop a connection between the service receiver/customer like you and the Truck Tracking owner or the agency, ensuring a safe delivery of goods to their proper destination. We offer Online Vehicle Management System Software

This is a sister concern of Auto Motors Limited. We have country wide network of transport systems and in depth understanding for a long time.

Benefits of using our online platform:

The Land Transportation Management Procedure aims to ensure that any vehicle in the project constructions are suitable for the purpose intended, are completely roadworthy and maintained in a clean and meaningful manner.

A corresponding objective is to ensure that any driver involved with the project, either with the contractor or subcontractor employed is trained to a reasonable level of driving competence and to ensure that level is maintained throughout the tenure of the project.

  • Mobile app services providing tangible solution in the logistic sector
  • Secured services, due time delivery along with reducing lead time as live tracking and proper monitoring is provided from start to end of trip
  • Online tracking from trip start to end point
  • Order Trucks from office without hassle and lowest market price
  • Verified Truck Tracking owner or transport agents
  • Wide alternatives of trucks to choose.
  • Support team facility for emergency incidence at route.
  • Transit insurance support if required
  • Dedicated corporate panel for loaders with in-house trucks
  • All sorts of transport support to corporate entities in accordance to weekly/monthly transport plans of the company, ensuring hassle free truck ordering service

Along with all the aforementioned services we provide C&F agents as well if required. The Land Transportation Management Procedure is applicable to all motor transportation related issues associated with design, procurement, fabrication, construction and commissioning, to project completion and hand over of the project to the client. This procedure shall pocus on all vehicles and driver requirements relating to the project throughout all phases, However as conditions change, this procedure will be updated accordingly to reflect the differing circumstances and functional conditions.    Specific vehicles and crafts fro exclusive use on working sites and yards, such as cranes, bulldozers, and fork-lift Truck Tracking are excluded from this procedures

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  • More specifically, this procedure targets the following;
  • Reduction in Loss of life and Human suffering
  • Improvement in health and reduction in related illnesses
  • Reduction in the risk associated with the transport operations
  • Control and minimization of damage when an incident occurs
  • Contribution to reduce air pollution through better selection and maintenance of t he vehicles
  • Contribution to reduce air pollution through better selection and maintenance of the vehicles
  • Provisions of guidance to the project in setting or revising local policies and rules of Truck Tracking
  • Improvement of operational safety procedures of Truck Tracking
  • Adoption of operational safety procedures
  • Enhancement of contractor and the project image within the local communities and authorities