Garment Export Job and Duties
Garment Export Job and Duties

Garment Export Job and Duties. Questions & Answers

Garment export job

  • Preparation of export documents for Garment export job
  • Prepare commercial invoice and packing list for custom documentation. aaa
  • Orders follow up with buyers and prepare shipment schedule accordingly.
  • Prepare weight statement as per custom declaration.
  • Submit Export documents to the Banks.
  • Check original-shipping documents, i.e., B/L, C/I, P/L, before sending to buyers.
  • Send all documents to C&F for custom assessment.
  • Follow up of different issues related to export matter.
  • Maintaining part of company Software (SAP),
  • Create Manual & Online Booking with APLL/DAMCO/EXPEDITORS /UTI.
  • Create ASN in Pack-one software.

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Textile interview questions and answers

How will you complete materials Inventory (from foreign country)

  • At first  we will check supplier packing list & Invoice .
  • After check we will weight the every accessories ctn.
  • If all ctn’s  weight are ok then we proceed inventory.
  • If any acc.ctn tarn or less weight then we don’t  make those ctn inventory & we  will inform this   issue to concern merchandiser .

What is the meaning of SOP?

  • S.O.P Meaning  – S=Standard  , O=Operating, P=Procedure

3.What are the trims receive SOP?

  • At first we will receive the supplier invoice /packing list ,then we will check the trim s physically . its ok or not .After check all quality of acc areok then we do proced  inventory .

What point should we consider before select  a person for store?

  • First  we will check his educational certificate .
  • He is Experience able   or not.
  • His honest .
  • His physically fitness.
  • His reference parson ‘s.

Write the steps which we follow during trims inspection ?

  • We do 10% inspection system in our factory.
  • when we receive  acc item then we inform to quality department .then quality deferment do the inventory .
  • If the quality   deferment confirm to us the acc quality is ok then we keep the acc in our rack with bin card & entry our register.

Mention the name of AUDIT team that visited in your factory last six months,

The below Audit team visited our factory last six months-

  • H&M
  • PerryEllis
  • Tesco
  • Ling Fung
  • P.V.H,
  • Tesco
  • Ling Fung

Regarding store what major points we consider during technical audit?(mentions 5 points)

We are consider  in technical Audit the below item

  • Sharp tool’s policy maintain 100%.
  • Label management policy maintain 100%.
  • Physically qty check with register qty.
  • All receive /inventory/issue documents 

If there is any disposal policy in your store, please  mention?

  • Firstly we have disposal  wastage management policy
  • we keep store our reject accessories /plastic goods/metal goods  with register maintain in a specific area.
  • after the expire date of those left over /rejected goods. We sell or hand over those goods calling  supplier  or otherwise 
  • After three months / three month later we barn those accessories in presence  of a HR office/some times keep  for a record by taking  digital /photo shof.

What do you men by 5s? Write details


  • S=Sort
  • S=set in order
  • S=shine
  • S=Standardise
  • S=sustain

 dear sir,

To let you know that recently/yesterday  received a packet of accessories (label) which is out of packing list that is overseas  item. We already kept separately the accessories  and inform the supplier that an unknown parts has with that packing list .please advise what  will we do now. below is the details of this item—-

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