Agreement For Interbond Sample


This agreement is made on between M/s. Auto Fashions Ltd. Hemayetpur, Savar, Dhaka. the first party and M/S. Sdwe Fashion  Ltd. post-Alia Madrasa,,Savar, Dhaka. The Second Party. Both the parties agreed to execute this agreement under following terms and condition:-

  1. The first party M/s Auto Fashions Ltd shall supply fabrics & accessories against sub contract.
  1. The Second party shall make all necessary agreements for inter bond transfer permission.
  1. The Second party will look after the production with their full care and responsibilities , for their occurs any loss or damage  the (Second Party ) will remain responsibilities for the same
  1. The production will be processing under the full Instruction of the first Party.
  1. Item : MENS SHIRT
  1. Export L/C No/ Sales Contract: GAaGsSL/AFL/PsGFO-43371/32/777/78    DT. 01-072-2015

7.  Total Quantity   :  68001 PCS = 5606.75  DOZ

8.  Delivery             : 14-07-2015   

9.  U.D. NO.  BGMEA/DHK/ UD/20015/30011/05  DT. 16-002-2015

  1. Rate TK. 65/Pcs
  1. Payment            :  By cheque /cash after delivery as per specification.

For M/s. Auto Fashions Ltd                                                   M/S. Sdwe Fashions Ltd

Authorized Signature                                                              Authorized Signature

Application Interbond Transfer

Date :


The Convener

Customs Branch,

B G M E A ,


Sub   :         Interbond Transfer U.D. No. 99/5976/574     Dtd. 5-7-99.

Dear Sir,

Enclosed please find herewith required papers and Documents are request you to take necessary steps to transfer the Interbond.

Yours faithfully,

Managing Director

Auto Garments Ltd.

We Sale

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