Garments Commercial Software Packages for Sale
Garments Commercial Software Packages for Sale

Garments Commercial Software Packages for Sale

Commercial Software

We are the group of companies of rmg sector. We have a software company which is the sister concern of the group. So we have developed a high quality garments ERP.  Among them Commercial Software Packages is best ERP. We are reputed software company all over the world. Commercial management principles are applied at the level of business relation , activities, foreign, contracts & transaction. Commercial management is a critical issues but RMG Commercial Software Packages system solved your complexity in step by step. Please contact us by submitting a comment below on Leave a Reply box. , Mobile# +8801792525354

Garments Commercial Software Packages

We also have developed

  1. Simple Proforma Invoice Software
  2. Import and Export Solutions Software for Cash Flow Planning
  3. Best Logistics and Freight Forwarding Software

Features of RMG Commercial Software Packages:

  • RMG Factory can send PI for the buyer.
  • RMG Factory can store Master L/C Document Data.
  • RMG Factory can collect Supplier PI related information.
  • According to supplier Proforma Invoice – PI, Back to Back L/C related information can be stored in system
  • All commercial banking related data can be directly manage through Software.
  • Imports and Exports,
  • Contract/ MLC Amendment,
  • LC Management,
  • Shipment,
  • Cost Budget,
  • Cost Sheet,
  • Costing Analysis,
  • Financial Data Analysis,
  • Commercial Financial Reports,
  • Style,
  • Buyer and Supplier Reports you can also manage Accounts
  • All commercial data in the shipping department of the Company will be able to collect through its Online Software.
  • At the same time, all garments data on the management board of the company will be informed. And then it will be possible when the Garments Commercial Software Packages System will be used.

Order Style Entry

At first we need to enter an order basic information in this module

  • Order No.: 63434
  • Style Name: Radhamoni 445
  • Buyer Name: Radhamoni
  • Entered By : Rajon
  • Updated By: Mashiyat

After Entering data it will look like below table. User can edit and delete entry

Order NoStyle NameBuyer NameEntered ByUpdated ByActionAction
Ord3456St 67665C&FRahmanZamanEditDelete
Ord3457St 67666C&FRahmanZamanEditDelete
Ord3458St 67667C&FRahmanZamanEditDelete
Ord3459St 67668C&FRahmanZamanEditDelete
Ord3460St 67669C&FRahmanZamanEditDelete
Ord3461St 67670C&FRahmanZamanEditDelete
Ord3462St 67671C&FRahmanZamanEditDelete
Ord3463St 67672C&FRahmanZamanEditDelete
Ord3464St 67673C&FRahmanZamanEditDelete

MLC/ Sales Contract Entry for Software Comercial

Sales contract entry from of software comercial is given below-

  • MLC / Sales Contract No.: MLC 454545
  • Contract Date: 02/12/19
  • Date of Receive :03/12/19
  • Buyer Name: C&F
  • Buyer Bank: Bank of UK
  • Seller Name: Rahman Garments Ltd
  • Seller Bank: Merchantile Bank Ltd
  • Season: Summer
  • First Shipment Date: 25/12/19
  • Latest Shipment Date: 30/12/19
  • Expiry Date: 31/12/19
  • Shipment Mode: Sea
  • Shipping Country: Australia
  • Partial Shipment :Allowed/ Now Allowed
  • Shipping Term: According to Agreement
  • Payments Term: According to Agreement
  • Tolerance: Allowed/ Now Allowed
  • Buying Commission: Yes/ No
  • Contract Expiry Date: 6/12/19
  • CRD / PO – Ship Date : 6/12/19
  • Status : Apporved

Functions of Garments Commercial Software Packages:

Work Order: Merchandiser create work order

  • Textile Yarn Purchase Requisition
  • Dyes & Chemical Work Order
  • Yarn Work Order
  • Stationary Work Order
  • Fiber work order
  • Spare Parts Work order
  • Other Work Order
  • Balk Yarn Allocation

Proforma Invoice (PI) for Buyer: Generally merchandiser sent PI to the buyer. Garments commercial manager in the wake of the proforma invoice -PI Document management functions will be preserved through the use of Commercial management system.

Supplier PI: Basically supplier sends PI to the garments manufacturer. So supplier PI related document will be collected through Garments Commercial Software Packages easily.

  • Create Proforma Invoice.
  • Cancelled PI- Proforma Invoice.
  • Pending Proforma-Invoice -PI.
  • Monthly Proforma Invoice -PI Summary.

Master L/C: When a L/C  open to import goods directly from the exporter is called master L/C. Using Garments Commercial Software Packages company will be able to collect Master L/C related data.

Back to Back L/C: Generally back to back L/C from depends on supplier PI. When a L/C is prepared by the garments manufacturer to collect raw materials for garments production from the suppliers is called Back to Back. Commercial department through the use of the Back to Back L/C will be able to save all of the Document.

  • Style Wise Sales Price and profit.
  • Cash wise Sales Statement.
  • Commercial wise Document without Due Date.
  • Commercial wise Document Submitted to Bank.
  • Overdue Commercial Document.

Export Document:  All documents prior to exporting manufactured garment products that are provided to the bank that is called into the Export Document. In some forms of Bangladeshi government are satisfied. Garments Commercial Software Packages documents of all banking transactions through their data will be collected.

  • Sales Contract Entry
  • Sales Contract Update
  • Export LC Entry
  • Sales Contract Amendment
  • Export LC Amendment
  • Submission to Buyer
  • Export Invoice
  • Submission to Bank
  • Export Proceeds Realization


  • Pro Forma Invoice
  • Import Document Acceptance
  • BTB and Margin LC
  • Import LC Charges Entry
  • BTB and Margin LC Amendment
  • Import Payment

Some of export documents are as follows:

  • Bill of exchange
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Beneficiary certificate
  • Exp. form
  • Departure Note
  • Shipping lines and freight forwarder
  • Packing list
  • Bill of lading

Bond (software comercial)

  • Custom In-bond Statement.
  • Date Wise Bond Consumption.
  • Bond Ledger.
  • Bond Summary
  • Bond number wise Import
  • Bond consumption and balance
  • Fabric weight against bond.
  • Item wise bond
  • Style Wise Stock, LC balance,
  • Bond To be Produce

Shipment (software comercial):

  • Monthly Export Letter of Credit Received Detail and Summary.
  • Date Wise Shipment.
  • Style  Wise Shipment.
  • Item wise shipment
  • Customer / consumer Wise Shipment.
  • Individual Commercial Invoice Wise Shipment.
  • Individual Proforma Invoice Wise Shipment.
  • Individual Export L.C. Wise Shipment.

Report of Commercial Software Packages

  • Export L/C Reports
  • Monthly Bank Submission
  • Export CI Statement
  • Order Wise Export Invoice Report
  • Export Status
  • Export LC and Sales Contract Report
  • Export Statement as of today
  • File Wise Export Status
  • BTB – Back to back or Margin LC Report
  • Import Acceptance Statement
  • Import CI – Commercial Invoice Statement
  • Purchase Recap Report
  • Procurement Progress Report
  • More Purchase Recap Report
  • Yarn Procurement Progress Report
  • BTB Liability Report
  • Proforma Invoice Report
  • Delivery Challan Report
  • Commercial Invoice Report
  • Packing List Report
  • Bill of exchange Report
  • Undertaking Report
  • Beneficiaries Certificate Report
  • Certificate of Origin Report
  • Country of Origin Report
  • Production Certificate Report
  • Bank Forwarding Letter Report
  • Bond Consumption Report
  • Inspection Certificate Report
  • Delivery Challan Report
  • Partial Document Report

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