Gas Diffusion Apparatus Unit

Gas diffusion apparatus unit: should have ability to separate CO2/air mixture by absorption in counter flow with water. Production of gas mixture should be possible by using CO2 from compressed gas cylinder and ambient air. Adjustment of mixing ratio should also be possible by using valves compressor for delivering the gas mixture into the absorption column. Continuous solvent regeneration in circuit with desorption column under vacuum. Water temperature control with heater and refrigeration system. sss


We have significantly increased the production capacity by commissioning the new set of fully Auto corrugated board making machine and Semi Auto corrugated board making machine. In addition to this we have added two color Offset printing machinery in our offset printing section. Also turning the offset printing Floor Air condition to meet buyer’s demand. Further, to meet the quality product we will have to commission high capacity Boiler.

In order to meet the growth of production and extension of the project we immediate need the bigger capacity of Power Gas Generator Unit. This is why we are interested to improve the 900KW/1125 KVA Gas Generator.

Gas Diffusion Apparatus Unit Specification

  • Absorption column height: 2x 750mm, internal diameter= 80mm,
  • Desorption column height: 750mm, internal diameter- 80mm
  • Pumps (absorption/desorptionl: max. Flow rate= 17Lit/min (02 No.)
  • Pump (coolingl: max. Flow rate: 29Lit/min (01 No.)
  • Compressor: max. Positive pressure= ibar, max. flow rate= 4m3/h
  • Measuring ranges: Air flow rates= 0.4 to 40 Lit/min, Solvent= 40 to 430Lit/hr, CO2= 0.5 to 6 Lit/min, temperature= 0 to 80°C, pressure= 0 to 2.5bar of Gas diffusion apparatus