Question: What is the size of Trz Photographs?

Revolution Slider = , Kt Banner = 600px/400px sss

Question : Autogarment Shortcut ?

aaaa= Abni, cccc=change, ffff=format, ssss=short, sss1=short 100, mix=need to execute by other.

Question: Supportcandy

Info – p m-mas s-123456 ja 1234567
s-123456 a-tst1234 s-


s-s321 r-321

Whats are the terms need to

Incorrect parameter during import the database in Xampp software. We sale Delivery Slip Management System for Embroidery Print Factory

Question: How to Access in Website via FTP:

Ans. Firstly Input Host:, Secondly Input Username: autogar2, Thirdly Input Password: the cPanel main password, and Finally
Input Port: 21

Questions: How to create Mission and Vision Text Box and Image Box with Eliminator

Questions: What will be picture size in our team and our adviser page

Question: Write some garments company name?

Answer: Zuma

Question: Whats are the way to measure size of web photo?

Question: What is the best size of Revolution Slider ?

Ans. Skill 1575 x 749

Question: What is Elementor Plugin? How does it works?

Question: How to find exact image size in google

Answer: Tater Sharee imagesize:300×250