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List of Fabric Cutting Tools for Apparel Factory

Fabric Cutting Tools

Fabric Cutting Machine Fabric cutting machine is very important factor in textile and garments sectors. A good quality garment will be ready first to wear when it will be completed by sewing after cutting fabrics. Many parts of fabric which are cutted by fabric cutting machine in a cutting table in the lay or spread of fabric. The cutting department has the duty of getting the raw material from the store; the raw material is mainly the fabric and interlining, in […]

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Straight Knife Cutter is Manufactured by Olfa and Milling

Olfa Martor Milling Manufacture Straight Knife Cutting Machine

Straight Knife Cutter: Olfa, Martor, Milling  and other company manufacture straight knife cutting machine. Butterfly knives, millingknife, ontario knives, tops knives and cool knives are available in market.  In the garment/ apparel industries, straight knife cutting machine is used widely. This machine is used to cut woven and knit fabrics. Operator can easily to use messer cutting systems. The cutting production sheet is used to make sure that the raw material and all the things have arrived to the cutting section and everything is ready before the laying […]

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Auto Cloth Laser Cutter or Fabric Laser Cutting Machine

Auto Cloth Laser Cutter or Fabric Laser Cutting Machine

Fabric Laser Cutting Machine: Auto fabric laser cutting machine is used for cutting fabric in garments industry and textile industry. Auto fabric laser cutting machine have laser tube,  motor stepper and other parts to work together. Fabric laser cutting machine  is used in cutting department is an essential part of any garment-manufacturing unit, because the fabric is one raw material, which constitutes to more than 50% of the total cost of the garment and it has to be cut into patterns and a […]

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