Cloth Cutting Machine

Cloth Cutting Machine room is the key area in garment manufacturing. Each and every process of the cutting room has being monitor and controlled by the quality team to assure the customers specification.

GSM & Shade band Maintain

For each lot of the fabric GSM & Shade Band is maintaining by the quality team. For shade band swatch size is about 4”x4” and it indicates the roll number too. Before start cutting process responsible cutting quality person will compare Shade Band with the approval and approve it for production. If there is any discrepancy will hold the rolls, and informed to higher authority or return to fabric stores. Final decision to these reject rolls will be taken by the Quality manager and the General Manager of the operation.

Cutting Process
Cutting Process

Fabric relaxing

Before laying each fabric roll is being relaxed to avoid shrinkage of the cut panels after cut. For different fabrics will use different duration as bellow

Fabric type                      Roll form        Bale form

Single jersey (cotton)           12                    06

Single jersey (Lycra)            24                    12

Rib                                          24                    12

Micro                                      12                    08

Nylon                                      20                    08

Simplex                                 24                    12

During the start of the relaxing “relaxing sticker” being apply to each and every roll and it states fabric relax start time and relax finish time to avoid cutting non relaxed rolls.

Further relevant quality person is responsible to allow approve fabric rolls being relaxing comparing to shade band and responsible to check widthwise and lengthwise shade variation. If there is running shade (widthwise & lengthwise) need to hold the particular fabric roll. These hold rolls are being cutting using different type of marker such as “short marker or narrow marker” etc to avoid cut panel shading with the advice of quality manager.

Marker checking

Marker checking Quality Controller is responsible for the checking markers with the original patterns before releasing to production. QC will randomly check each size one garment parts before confirm it. He is responsible for checking width & length of the marker too.


Quality Controller is responsible for assure cleanliness of the cutting table before start layering. Before start layering paper is put on the cutting table to avoid the possible damages of fabric due to sharp parts.

QC is responsible to audit all rolls has been properly relaxed by checking relaxing sticker. Further QC has assure correct lot & roll being laying by checking the lot number &  roll number of the fabric rolls and cross-check the fabric rolls with the shade bands to assure the shade wise cutting.

During laying audit QC will check number of layers, length of the layer, assure the paper separator is use for each roll finish and correct lay tension has been applied during each layering.

During the layering QC has to assure red “tape system” is follow by the production team when fabric fault observed to minimize possible fabric faults go into sewing. After QC confirms layering has being done accurately he has to authorize for cutting.

Finally all lay summary report has to maintain by the QC for management information.


In Auto Textile have both straight & band knife facility for cutting. Straight knife we do only layer separation and our cutting complete on the band knife.

After band knife cutting, do 10% random inspection to assure the cut work quality. First QC select randomly cut pieces of each size from bundle (cut cake) and check cut mark depth & its position is correct and shape of the cut comparing to the pattern. After that he will check top, middle & bottom of the cut for the cutting accuracy. If random inspection fails will arrange 100% cut panel inspection to sort out bad cuts.


First step in bundling is to separate cut bundle into roll-wise. Then cut work will separate into bundles. This stage bundling QC will conduct random inspection to assure correct quantity, correct parts, correct trims are being put into the bundle. If there is any discrepancy will conduct 100% bundle inspection to sort out the issue.


Each stage of the process respective quality person will responsible for making reports and documents. All these documents are being files in the cutting department and MIS reports are being generates where necessary.

Cutting quality in-charge is responsible for maintain quality standard as well as all these documents as management advice. Further each and every style shade band, GSM report and all other documents being maintained in a style wise.

Note: Shade will be checked under the buyers’ reference light source in light box.

1Swatch Card-GSMCuttingQuality InspectorQuality officer
2Shade BandCuttingQuality InspectorQuality Officer
3Relaxing sticker & RegisterRelaxingProductionQuality Supervisor
4Swatch Card during relaxingRelaxingQuality InspectorQuality supervisor
5Layer Inspection SummaryLayeringQuality InspectorQuality Supervisor/Officer
6Band Knife Inspection ReportBand KnifeQuality InspectorQuality Officer
7Bundle Cut Panel Inspection ReportBundlingQuality InspectorQuality Officer