What is Fabric GSM Sample Cutter? Composite Sample Cutter

Sample Cutter – Die cutter with circular sample area of 100cm2, specimen diameter of 113mm, 4 stainless steel blades, safety lock, 5mm cutting depth, one set of extra blades     ( g?TY = o3-) Two. Read more about Label Cutter and Clothing Label Folding Machine

Digital Weighing Balance

Range 0.0001-200g digital precision weighing balance with box. sss

Ring /eyelet (Grommet) machine Fully automatic, fast, Pneumatic, ring/eyelet machine for fabric and leather, including magazines of three different sizes.
Folders and Attachments 1.Digital needle thread tension meter 2.Digital bottom thread tension meter 3. Different types of sewing machine folders
Digital Thickness Gauge Digital display, Range of thickness: 0.001-25mm, measuring accuracy: 0.01mm, Min speed of presser foot: 1.5 mm/s, Presser foot area: 100mm2, 2000mm2, 2500mm2, 10000mm2, Load Weight: 20cN, 100cN, 200cN, 500cN, 2000Cn, Pressing duration: 10s, 30s Standards: 1505084, ISO 9073,1S09863, GB 3820, FZ/T 0100

Composite Sample Cutter

  • Cutter for precise cutting of carbon fiber composites, FMLs, polymers etc.
  • Computer controlled/programmable
  • Variable speed
  • Screw holder
  • Digital RPM indicator Bed size 300 x 300 mm or more