Straight Knife Cutter

Olfa, Martor, Milling  and other company manufacture straight knife cutting machine. Butterfly knives, millingknife, ontario knives, tops knives and cool knives are available in market.  In the garment/ apparel industries, straight knife cutting machine is used widely. This machine is used to cut woven and knit fabrics. Operator can easily to use messer cutting systems. The cutting production sheet is used to make sure that the raw material and all the things have arrived to the cutting section and everything is ready before the laying starts. If the fabric has any defects or faults as inspected by the store, then it is mentioned in this sheet and the cutting manager can make a point of taking such things into measure. The data provided by this sheet also renders information about the marker consumption and also the interlining status, which are other important things that are used in the department apart from the fabric.

Parts of Straight Knife Cutter:

parts of cool knives
Parts of Knives
  • Electric motor.
  • Power plug.
  • Switch.
  • Grease inlet.
  • Sharpening device.
  • Handle.
  • Stand.
  • Knife.
  • Knife Guard.
  • Pressure foot.
  • Throat plate.
  • Base plate.
  • Rollers.

Specifications of Straight Knives :

Specifications NameSpecifications Value
Product CategoryCutting
Machine CategoryKnife Cutting Machine
Product NameStraight Knife Cutting Machine
Product ModelAccording to Manufacturer
Product ClassNew
OriginMade in China
Brand/ ManufacturerButterfly knives
Agent in BangladeshNo/Yes
Power110v/220v, Horsepower: .65h.p.
Production CapacityNA
Speed3,400 rpm (single speed)
Blade size8”
Sharpening beltsMedium
Dimensions8” x 12” x 20.5”
Weight32 lbs

Features of Straight  Knives:

olfa milling knives

Ontario knives could be used to cut higher depth of fabric.

  • These are  zero tolerance knives,
  • By ontario knives heavy fabric such as denim and canvas can be cut.
  • Advantages of Straight Knives:

    • Ontario knives can be moved easily by rollers.
    • Butterfly knives are easy to install,
    • Butterfly knives are heavy
    • Straight Knife Cutting Machine is cheaper than Round Knife Cutter Machine
    • Milling is comparatively cheap easier to operate
    • Milling, automatic Grinding could be done during cutting.
    • Could be cut at any angle and could be cut fabric at more curved line than the round knife of butterfly knives

    Disadvantages of Straight Knife Cutter:

    • Milling cool knives deflection is high in risk, when lay height is too high
    • The Risk of milling cool knives are high for physical damage of operator
    • Costly
    Straight Knife is butterfly knives
    Cutting Process

    Industrial Engineering in Cutting Department:

    The number of operators working in the department is 35 for Autogarment and 35 for Garmentspedia.14 operators are for spreading and cutting, 17 for relaying and 4 for panel checking. These numbers are the same in both the sections, namely, Autogarment and Garmentspedia. Apart from this, 9 people are used for the purpose of numbering and bundling. The spreading and cutting requires skilled operator, whereas the numbering operator can be unskilled as well.

    The machines employed for the purpose of spreading and cutting are- Round Knife, Band Knife, Spreading Tables etc.

    Band Knife3 (1per unit)
    Straight Knife 15 (5 per unit)
    Round Knife3 (1 per unit)
    Tables9 (4 spread/cut)

    Cutting Plan:

    The cutting plan sheet is filled with the details of the cutting and the ratio and also the number of lays based on these ratios. The cutting plan is made by the cutting department and a copy of the same is provided to the CAD department so that they can make the marker accordingly.


    Although the milling cool knives other knives  has some limitation, this machine is very popular in the apparel industries to cut both woven and knit fabric. Some machine are zero tolerance knives. A report is prepared in this format, which includes the data regarding the progress of the cutting of a particular order. This includes the data like the number of pieces in the order, the number of pieces cut and the balance number of pieces, all in the required ratio and the given color quantity. The report also includes the interlining details and the cutting details.

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