Clothing Label Folding Machine

There are different kinds of label cutter and clothing label folding machine. Among them one is single function and another one is multi-function for the entire fold. The clothing labels folding machine is equipped with different origin and AC motor. The clothing label folding machine has SCHNEIDER inverter and push button. Label cutting machine has superior performance and operates flexibly to the soft regulate the hand wheel. The label cutting machine and folding machine is adopted of imported first-class heating pipe as well as electronic thermostatic control system with characteristics of fast temperature rise and constancy of temperature. Label folding machine has durable imported alloy blade as well as SCHNEIDER push button.

Folding Type:

  • Envelope Folding
  • Middle Folding
  • End Folding
  • Mtre Folding

Type of Label Cutter:

  • Cold cutting
  • Hot cutting
  • Heat seal cutting

Specifications of Label Clothes Folding Machine:

Specification of clothes folding machine is stated here.

Specifications NameSpecifications Value
Product CategoryFolding
Machine CategoryLabel Cutter and Folding
Product NameLevel Clothes Folding Machine
Product ModelAccording to Manufacturer
Product ClassNew
OriginMade in China
Brand/ ManufacturerZhejiang Yueqing Lu Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
Agent in BangladeshNo/Yes
Power220v, 50-60hz
Production CapacityNA
Widest (Envelope Folding)55mm
Narrowest (Envelope Folding)8mm
Longest (Envelope Folding)145mm
Shortest (Envelope Folding)33mm
Widest (Middle Folding)70mm
Narrowest (Middle Folding)6mm
Longest (Middle Folding)150mm
Shortest (Middle Folding)20mm
Processing Speed30-200Cs/min

 How Automatic Folding Machine Works:

Automatic folding machine is adopted with one step molding technology, two sides positioning technology and imported electronic technology.

Automatic Folding Machine
Automatic Folding Machine

Automatic folding machine has eye color separation devices for with gains of accurate arranging, fast speed, favorable cutting –folding effect, it really is the preferred product for middle folding as well as envelope folding of woven labels and silk screen labels.

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