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LC Transferable Letter of Credit Software for Sale
LC Transferable Letter of Credit Software for Sale

LC Transferable Letter of Credit Software for Sale

LC Transferable Letter of Credit Software

LC Transferable Letter of Credit Software System manages carrying out all types incoming & outcoming LC that we sale from Dhaka,  Bangladesh with the capability of expending, cancelling or forfeiting LC. Please contact us at apparelsoftware@gmail.com. Mobile: +880 1792525354. We also sale 


  • BTB LC
  • BTB Amendment
  • Amendment description & date
  • BTB LC
  • BTB Adv. Payments
  • supplier name,
  • opening date of LC,
  • LC value,
  • product quantity,
  • Applicant Bank
  • entered goods in the inventory,
  • delivery date etc
  • BTB Payments
  • Import / Purchase
  • BTB LC Reports
  • Maintenance
  • Backup
  • Database
  • User

General LC Functions:

  • Inputting all types of LC Transferable Letter of Credit Software as well as defining the accounts that may be affected by them.
  • Issuing all types of LC Transferable Letter of Credit Software such as commercial, personal, in kind
  • Confirming letter of credit expansion by available options such as validity period, increase or decrease the amount.
  • Following up letter of credit software  through miscellaneous reports & many options as: types & phases.
  • Inputting data of bank commissions , guaranties, charges, & its impacts.

Advantages of LC Software:

Following up business that have coverage with  guarantees related to completion dates or accruals  & conformity with LC requirements.

  • Incoming & outgoing letter of credit software & recognizing related commitments.
  • Easily record LC transactions.
  • Integrates with Merchandising Module
  • Print receipts for customers.
  • Integrates with IE Module
  • Manage product pricing and discounts.
  • Integrates with Sample module
  • Records LC transactions quickly and easily.
  • Integrates with Store
  • Reports to analyze
  • Integrates with CRM
  • Integrates with inventory.
  • The capability of  various types of commercial bank, & the other guarantees.
  • Letter of credit software are legal & precautious procedures related to purchases & projects execution for which all ONYX Pro systems are used.

Software Features

  • Setup
  • File No.
  • UD No
  • Buyer
  • Negotiate Bank
  • Supplier
  • Issuing Bank
  • Unit
  • Currency
  • Category
  • Style Setup
  • Currency Conversion
  • Master LC
  • Master LC charges
  • Export
  • Advance Payments
  • Proceeds
  • PC Taken
  • Calculation Sheet
  • Master LC Charges
  • Insurance
  • Opening
  • Overdue Intt.
  • Other
  • Master LC Reports

Import LC software

Import LC software module helps you to manage your LC information effectively & easily.  Anybody can manage garments vendors documents, goods receive & payment related information easily. Import LC software has an good feature that you can add all expenses as cost with imported items.

  • opening LC using single or multiple indent,
  • LC document processing,
  • LC expense recognition,
  • Shipment mode in Sea or Air
  • Invoice wise  Realization & Purchase
  • LC margin adding facility,
  • invoice settlement,
  • shipment add facilities,
  • currency fluctuation tracking etc.
  • Order details information for export
  • Import Realization & Purchase
  • Realization Allocation

B2B Managment

Back to back management features which helps to make your process of doing LC- letter of credit from an in-tender who is doing LC- letter of credit process to another in-tender and bringing the goods towards you.

  • All PI Of a BTB
  • BTB & PC Percentage
  • All show BTB balance

Proforma /Commercial Invoice

Letter of credit software module facilitates you for tracking garments commercial invoice information for both export & import letter of credit software. PI and Commercial invoice is sent by exporter. It also updates your vendor/customer balance i.e when you create Invoice against letter of credit software then it will update Account Payable & Account Receivable.

  • LC number,
  • Invoice date,
  • origins,
  • Bills of Lading etc.

Goods Receive/Delivery

This module supports you a flexible goods delivery/receive procedure. You can do it fully, partially & may associate with LC itself or Commercial Invoice.

This portion for Import LC manages costing for you imported items.

Export lc software

We can manage our customer lc software information through Export lc software. Its also enabling us to track customer bank information and our receiving bank & others basic information. lc software module enables us to manage Back to Back LC with our Customer LC.

  • All order details information
  • Buyer,
  • Factory Information
  • All commotions information
  • Buying House,
  • LC Status information
  • Shipment mode in Sea or Air
  • Invoice wise  Realization & Purchase
  • Order details information for export
  • Export Realization & Purchase
  • Realization Allocation
  • Shipment schedule creation,
  • packing list generation facility,
  • LC amendment facility,
  • Automated accounting transaction,
  • courier info tracking,
  • sight time draft manage,
  • Bill purchase facility etc.

Payment or Receipt Tracking

Letter of credit software gives user options to track payment to vendor & receipt from customer partially or full or for multiple LC by a single voucher according to the needs of the user. User can easily track every payment information & can receipt every single LC wise.

  • LC Loan
  • PC & SOD Loan Receive
  • PC & SOD Loan Allocation

Amendment Process

Any type of modification or edit after posting LC process e.g. Amendment process for review the errors in LC letter of credit document. Feature includes

  • Amendment of BTB LC with Previous History
  • Acceptance of BTB LC & Payment in Maturity Date
  • changes in product quantity,
  • pricing,
  • Master LC Amendment
  • shipping date modifications,
  • PO Amendment
  • delivery date modifications etc.

Work Order

This Feature is linked to the BOM  & TNA and it can starts the process of procurement department or directly from merchandiser.  It consist of

  • name & quality of products,
  • unit cost,
  • quantity,
  • total cost
  • tentative delivery date all can be done through ERP system easily

PI Proforma Invoice /Indent Process

Provides you with indent processing features such as

  • issue facilities for indenters,
  • LC price declare facility,
  • send & receiving PI/indent facility,
  • Booking price
  • revision facility,
  • commission declaration facility,
  • Insurance cover note etc.

LC Group

LC group basically helps management to take important decision relating to the operation.

  • User can easily be grouping LC by tagging each LC.
  • It shows group wise total LC amount,
  • payable amount,
  • receivable amount
  • User can also mention currency for same group.

Multi- Currency

LC module of transferable letter of credit supports you to manage multi-currency transaction. User can input the exchange rate in any time according to requirements. Also transferable letter of credit calculating currency fluctuation value

About Engr. Kh. Mashiur Rahman

He is Garment Business ERP Consultant and Digital Marketing Consultant of several RMG factories. He is certified Echotech Garment CAD Professional-China, Aptech-India, NCC-UK and B.Sc. in CIS- London Metropolitan University, M.Sc. in ICT-UITS. He is also re-seller of several top-level Apparel ERP software companies. Contact- apparelsoftware@gmail.com, Cell# +880 1792525354

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