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Barcode Enabled Fabric Roll Tracking System Software Sale
Barcode Enabled Fabric Roll Tracking System Software

Barcode Enabled Fabric Roll Tracking System Software Sale

Fabric Roll Tracking System

We sale barcode enabled fabric roll tracking system for rmg factory and other factory. We are the manufacturer of this software in Bangladesh. This is high qualitative fabric roll tracing software is developed time to time. This is first tracking software in rmg sector. We also develop Automated Production Tracking System Software. To buy this software please contact us at apparelsoftware@gmail.com / autogarments@gmail.com

Modules of Barcode Enabled Fabric Roll Tracking System

Knitting/Woven Production

  • Grey Fabric Inspection (QC)
  • Grey Fabric Store Inventory
  • Complimentary Finishing Batch Checking
  • Others features

Knitting/Woven Production:

  • Fabric Order entry
  • Set Knitting program
  • In house production follow up
  • subcontract production follow up
  • Automated barcode labeling
  • Daily Production wise report

Grey Fabric Inspection (QC)

  • Instant QC without documentation.
  • 4 point grading system
  • Fabric Fault analysis report
  • Production analytic report
  • Buyer wise/order wise Daily QC Report
  • Buyer wise/order wise Inspection report with sorting and filtering

Grey Store Inventory:

  • Roll receiving with barcode scanning.
  • Roll Delivering with barcode scanning.
  • Roll racking with barcode scanning.
  • Automatic Stock update
  • Auto bin card for fabric storage
  • Roll migration -Location update.
  • Batch delivery for fabric storage
  • Roll transfer (one’s buyer’s /order’s roll delivery for other order/buyer)
  • Roll splitting for fabric storage
  • Complementary Finishing Batch
  • Receive finished batch
  • Weight checking roll to roll & batch to batch.
  • Fabric Finishing report

Finishing Batch (EXTENDABLE)

  • Receive finished batch
  • Batch to Batch compares (i.e. Roll weight, Actual Dia, Actual GSM)
  • Finishing report (batch wise)
  • Labeling finishing sticker automatically.

Extendable Cutting Module:

  • Receiving fabric roll to roll
  • Fabric Roll accept or Return
  • Garments Cutting reporting

Complementary Other’s feature

  • Auto notification system
  • User management access control
  • Roll tracking system at all stage of textile processing.
  • Mistake control system like Lot mixing, wrong delivery etc

Required Hardware & Support:

  • A good Label press machine
  • Good Barcode printer
  • Mobile scanner device
  • USB scanner for both 2.0 or 3.0
  • THINMED Label
  • TTR Ink fabric roll
  • Dongle security Key
  • One server PC
  • 5 Pcs normal desktop PC
  • TAB/PAD based on number of Inspection machine. One Tab for Grey Store
  • Wifi at QC & Grey Store place.

About Engr. Kh. Mashiur Rahman

He is Garment Business ERP Consultant and Digital Marketing Consultant of several RMG factories. He is certified Echotech Garment CAD Professional-China, Aptech-India, NCC-UK and B.Sc. in CIS- London Metropolitan University, M.Sc. in ICT-UITS. He is also re-seller of several top-level Apparel ERP software companies. Contact- apparelsoftware@gmail.com, Cell# +880 1792525354

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