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How Airflow Dyeing Machine Works?

How Airflow Dyeing Machine Works

Airflow Dyeing Machine Airflow Dyeing Machine – Discontinuous processing of textile substrates requires more water and energy compared to continuous processes. However, for a long time efforts are undertaken to optimise discontinuous process with respect to productivity, efficiency and also to minimise energy and water consumption respectively. This lead to …

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Pilot-Scale Nitrogen Dyeing Machine. Mercerisation Process

Pilot-scale Garment Dyeing Machine

Nitrogen Dyeing Machine Nitrogen Dyeing Machine Features Specs Loading Capacity Up to 20 kg Cylinder Diameter (mm) 1200-1350 Cylinder Depth (mm) 480-700 Speed (RPM) (Variable) Up to 200 Equipped with Nitrogen kit Equipped with mist producer to apply chemicals. Equipped with Ozone generator. Read more about  Terry Towel Weaving Machine …

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