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First Aid Item Control Sheet

First Aid Item Control Sheet Small Sterilized Dressings           -,Medium Sized Sterilized DressingsLarge Size Sterilized Dressings1/2 Oz. Packet Sterilized Cotton Wool2 Oz. Bot. of 2% Al. Soln.. of Iodine2 Oz. Bottle of Rectified SpiritRoll of Adhesive PlasterTourniquetPair of ScissorsAnalgesic TabletsRoller Bandage1” (Sterilized)Roller Bandage 3”Roller Bandage 4”Supratole(Burn Dressing …

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Management Review Meeting Minutes

Management Review Meeting Minutes PURPOSE: To ensure periodic review of effectiveness, adequacy and suitability of Quality Management System of Auto Garment Ltd . In each garment factory environment there are employees and management. Both management and employees often fail to exercise effective communication. Therefore, on many occasions tension is created between management …

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Quality System Procedure of a Garments

Quality System Procedure PURPOSE: To define management responsibility of Auto Garment Ltd SCOPE: Applies to Quality Management System (QMS) adopted by Auto Garment Ltd RESPONSIBILITY: Managing Director is responsible for declaring Quality Policy and ensuring responsibility, and authority for the persons who manage, perform and verify work-affecting quality and shall ensure adequate …

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