Import Documents Template Instructions

General Instructions:

A separate template exists for both the Carter’s brand and the Oshkosh brand. Vendor populated cells are Blue in the Carter’s template and Yellow in the Oshkosh template. These instructions apply to both templates.

The templates include the following spreadsheets:

  • Full Package Document Guide
  • FCR
  • Bill of Lading / Airway Bill (scanned doc-if needed)
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Commercial Invoice Page 2 (If needed)
  • Packing List
  • Packing List Page 2 (If needed)
  • Multi-Country Declaration
  • Single Country Declaration
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Quota Charge Statement
  • Textile Export License (scanned doc)
  • Evidence of Receipt (scanned doc)
  • Government Issued Country of Origin (scanned doc)
  • Certificate of Compliance

Put the following information in the designated area of first page (this will follow through on consecutive pages):

  • Company Name
  • Company Address
  • Company Phone Number
  • Company Fax Number
  • Company E-Mail Address

Certificate of Origin:

If this is not a government required document for the country of origin then please list all PO’s on the same certificate of origin. This will reduce paperwork.

  • If Government Issued Country of Origin scanned documents will need to be added
  • Certificate of Compliance Letter
  • For each style produced for Carter’s, the factory MUST complete and submit a Certificate of Compliance (CoC)
  • Procedure for Completing the Certificate of Compliance (CoC)
  • Factory must completely fill out the Certificate of Compliance (CoC) to include the below information
  • Style Number
  • City & Country of Origin of the specific factory that produced the garment
  • The lab that tested the style to ensure compliance
  • The completed Certificate of Compliance along with all of the test reports supporting the passing results of each of the above federal requirements
  • Confirmation that the submitted CoC satisfies the proper requirements MUST be received by the factory from Carter’s BEFORE the style can be loaded for shipping for the first time.
  • After confirmation is received, the Cargo Ready Date (CRD) must be added to the certificate as the date manufactured.
  • This date will be different every time a style ships.  You do not have to send to Carter’s for confirmation each time.  We only need to confirm accuracy once per style per season. However, you must send the CoC with the different date to each time you ship that style.
  • The completed CoC MUST accompany the shipping paperwork with the style since it will be required by Customs before a style can be received into the country.

More Guide Line

  • Use only the tabs/spreadsheets that are required by your company for the shipment. For example, you will not need to use both the Multi-Country & Single-Country Declaration for a shipment.
  • When e-mailing the scanned documents you must reference the corresponding ESPS number in the subject line of the e-mail. This will allow Schenker to link with the correct document template.
  • Insert electronic signature on all pages as necessary.  Please keep these to a 15K maximum file size as to not make the entire invoice file too large.
  • Currently the only original documents required are TPL certificates for qualifying CAFTA shipments. If trade laws or US Customs regulations should change requirements in the future you will receive revised instructions from Carters/Oshkosh Customs Compliance.
  • All subcontractor factories must use the Import Document Template.  Please forward this instruction listing and the template to them as well.  Also provide them with all necessary e-mail addresses.
  • When sending scanned docs, please ensure that you use a scanning software package that is supported by Microsoft Windows 95 or greater. This will ensure that Carters/Oshkosh and our Broker will be able to open and work within the documents.
  • Email these documents no later than 2 days after ocean shipment departs or 1 day after air shipment departs to ensure timeliness of Import Documents arriving to the broker for pre-clearing.
  • When you e-mail the template docs for a shipment please use the ESPS number as the Subject Line of the e-mail. This will allow Carters/Oshkosh and Schenker (our broker) to trace & organize the documents.
  • Certain cells have been locked for your protection.  You will only be able to enter into designated cells (Blue-Carter’s, Yellow-Oshkosh).  Invoice number, AWB number/Ocean B/L number, ESPS number, Date, Country of Origin and Shipped Via data entered on the Commercial Invoice will carry over to other spreadsheets automatically.
  • Set up all spreadsheets (tabs) to print on 8.5 x 11 inch paper & fit all information on one page if possible. You may use more than one page if required; please ensure that there are not any columns/rows that overlap on another page.  Please set your page breaks accordingly

Scanned Documents:

5 documents must be scanned and inserted into the template. They are:

  • FCR
  • Bill of Lading (ocean shipment) or Airway Bill (air shipment) – (If required)
  • Textile Export License w/Visa stamp (if required)
  • Evidence of Receipt
  • Government Issued Country of Origin (if required)

Document Guide:

Check X in the box for each spreadsheet completed for the shipment. This will help ensure that all required documents are completed and there will be no shipment delays.

Commercial Invoice:

  • Please enter multiple Purchase Orders on the same Commercial Invoice page.
  • Garment data on the Commercial Invoice must be complete and include the following: Lot number (Oshkosh only), Style Number, PM number (if applicable), PO number, Component Number (if applicable), Gender, Description, Fiber Content, Knit/Woven, Construction Type (stitches per CM if knit), HTS number (10 digits) and Quota Category.
  • ESPS ASN# when using multiple ESPS numbers, key a slash between numbers
  • Actual Manufacturing Name & Address on Commercial Invoice spreadsheet must be the name and address of the factory that actually produced the goods.
  • Country of Origin on Commercial Invoice spreadsheet must match the address of the Actual Manufacturing name & Address.
  • Ship To location must be the correct warehouse location for the shipment.
  • Carter’s template only – insert the correct buying agent name in the Agent Statement section.

Packing List:

  • Fill in appropriate Lot number (Oshkosh)/Style number (Carter’s), Color, Size, PO#, Description, Quantity/carton for each carton.
  • Include Net Weight, Net-Net Weight and Gross Weight for each carton. Include carton measurements in inches or CM this should match information on the actual carton.
  • Include total dimension of all cartons in CBM’s – lower left of spreadsheet

Multi Country Declaration:

Ensure that form is filled out by appropriate personnel who have knowledge of the manufacturing & processing.

Single Country Declaration:

Ensure that form is filled out by appropriate personnel who have knowledge of the manufacturing & processing.