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Needle & Sharp Tool Policy, Metal Detection

Sharp tool policy

Needle Control During the factory visit it was noted that the facility has a 2 story Ansar building for security purpose. This building is separate from other building. This building is used as a dormitory for Ansar member. It has a Kitchen room, but there was no fire equipment such as- Fire Extinguisher, smoke detection system, Fire hose box etc.

  • Broken needle policy does not include the sample room
  • Area for needle exchange in case of broken needle too far away from production floor
  • Scissors, cutters and other sharp tools not attached to workstations but to worker’s arms
  • Redundant machines do not have the needles removed from them
  • No metal detection procedure implemented including 9 point calibration and logs of all products checked
  • Metal detector to be positioned in proper airport system leading into a metal free fenced in area that is restricted to certain personnel only and clearly marked
  • 9 point calibration check not in place and missing relevant recording of calibration, metal detection checks, failures and garment destruction
  • Goods that are metal detected are not stored in a separate area until next successful calibration before proceeding
  • Any contaminated products (based on metal detection check) are not kept in a segregated area away from production and no procedure in place for their safe disposal

Product Safety & Satisfaction:

  • Product did not pass through metal detector.
  • Metal free zone in/out register not maintained.
  • Pictures of those working in the metal free zone should be displayed at the entrances.
  • Button pull testing procedure in place but only for childrenswear. Sampling and test frequency is not to George standard.
  • Gauge of button pull tester is in kg i/o Newton.
  • No holding time mentioned in record.
  • Designated person not aware of comparison of Newton, Kg and holding time.
  • All sharp tools to be attached also in the sample room.
  • Register needs to be maintained for all sharp tools.
  • Broken needle policy with time frame for needle change and also to be maintained in the sample room.
  • Broken needle policy not kept properly. Broken needle found in draw of needle person.
  • Scissors should not be kept on the iron tables.
  • Safety manual should be available from every customer.

Other Compliance Issue

  • Drinking water test report was not posted.
  • Drinking water sign was not posted.
  • Lunch west keeping area sign was not posted.
  • No smoking sign was not posted.
  • Notice board was not found.
  • First aid Box was not found.
  • PPE Use sign was not posted.(Hand Gloves, Musk, Head cover, Apron etc).
  • Canteen Facility have but canteen sign was not posted and food item list & price list was not posted.
  • Floor Evacuation Plan was not posted on Exit.
  • Aisles Marking & Arrow marking was missing.
  • Rubber mat missing In front of all LT Panel, SDB & MDB.
  • Fire Alarm Switch & alarm sign not posted.
  • Fire extinguisher user instruction was not posted every area.
  • Fire hose boxes/Cabinet user instruction was not posted.
  • Fire hose box responsible person list was not posted.
  • Emergency light sign was not posted.
  • Exit light was not found.
  • During the factory visit it was noted that –
  • No Smoking sign was not posted.
  • PPE Use sign was not posted.
  • Artificial Respiration instruction was not posted.
  • Some Diesel Drum are keeping open space infront of generator room.
  • There was no permission or certificate found for storage of flammable and combustible liquid.
  • During the Factory visit it was noted that-
  • Chemical handling procedure was not maintained Properly.
  • All Chemical Stored on floor instead of secondary Containment.


Sharp Tool Policy is mandatory for any factory. There was no Separation between Hazardous and Non Hazardous. There was no proper leveling on chemical Jar or drum. There was no posted MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet).

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