Children’s Wear Risk Assessment from Needle
Children’s Wear Risk Assessment from Needle

Children’s Wear Needle Stick Injury Policy

Needle Stick Injury Policy

PURPOSE : Needle Stick Injury Policy -No broken / blunt / spare needles / staples allowed in machine thread stand and entire floor. .To avoid any metal contamination with children’s products Rio Fashion Ltd. must pass metal detected prior to delivery the goods as well as all aspects of the Safety Requirements stated in agreement we followed accordingly. …

  • Below steps shall be taken for all children’s products and need to aware about Needle & Sharp Tool Policy
  • Fresh needles should be issued through inventory log only, after receiving the broken / blunt needles.. Needle Stick Injury Policy replacement / Control Procedure.
  • Clippers or scissors must be securely attached to the work station or machine.
  • Minimum neck stretch must check as per measurement spec for all children wear. Also mentioned that no minus tendency acceptable.
  • Broken / blunt needles should be logged immediately after replacing. Thread ends and float thread not acceptable for any children wear, moreover especially uncut thread not acceptable more than .5 cm.
  • General housekeeping must be of an acceptable standard to avoid stray metal components.
  • Goods coming into the factory must be contaminant free, and the pass responsibility for this up the supply chain to component and raw material suppliers and sub-contractors, such as printing and embroiderers.
  • All relevant components must pass through pull test at 90N/10 second for ensuring the attachment strength.
  • Trace the complete needle fragments onec it is broken and record. Products should be passed through the metal detector as finished goods after ticketing, but prior to being hung or boxed. By positioning the metal detector at this point, the manufacturer can ensure every piece of completed product has been detected and that no further metal contamination can enter the product.
  • That means all children products should be metal free and packing into carton should be at metal free zone.

Responsible Personnel :

  • Manager Quality
  • Manager Production
  • Manager, Compliance & CSR

Working Procedure : All children’s product should be detect by metal detector machine & confirm safety

  • Pins and staples
  • Sewing Needles (Hand and Machine)
  • Knitting machine needles and linking points and tagging gun needles
  • Scissors, clippers and other sharp tools
  • Metal detection (including needle detection)
  • Machine applied fasteners
  • Glued and heat fused components
  • Elasticized garments
  • Security of attached components


Needle Stick Injury Policy -For any needle issues, please contact task force co-ordinator. Designation of Responsible personnel to Review & Update if any change when required with the concern of management :

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