What is Hand Knotting Machine? Objective of Shearing and Trimming

Hand Knotting Machine – Objective of Hand Knotting:

  • To bring shapeof carpet by according to carpet.
  • To make the backing of carpet.
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  • In carpet frame TC cotton are arranged into warp direction.
  • Hand knotting actually done in TC yarn by wool yarn.
  • Pile height depends on the carpet design and types.
  • Knotting depends on the carpet length and height.
  • The knotting by the worker hand.
  • Every warp yarn insert in to heald eye.
  • There heald shaft used to yarn the held eye.
  • There two sites of warp yarn used to in warp direction.
  • When inside knotting finished then the heald shaft need to turn up or down.
  • Then another side knotting has to be done.
  • In above way knotting and backing of carpet can be produced.

Shearing and Trimming:

Objective of Shearing and Trimming:

  • To equal the pile height carpet.
  • To remove extra knotted pile from carpet.


  • First have today down the carpet
  • Then have to cut the extra pile by knife.
  • Then have to wash the extra pile from the surface of carpet.

Final Touch and Finishing:


  • To improve the quality of carpet.
  • To sew the backing of carpet.
  • To suitable for market.


  • First we have to cheek the pile height of carpet.
  • Then we have to equal the pile height by using scissor.
  • Then final have final inspection the carpet quality of carpet.

Senior Project program send us to the expected destiny of practical life. The completion of project work at, we have got the impression that the factories are the Carpet manufacturing   in Bangladesh. Though it was established from a long time, it has earned very good reputation for its best performance in Bangladesh Market.

During our senior project program we had tried to our best to done our duty. It is completely a new experience in our life. Although we had some barrier during project, but lastly we recover it and  which will be very effective in our service life. During our project period we realized that practical experience is valuable for service life.

First of all the authors express our gratitude to supreme Allah for blessings, approval, protection, mental power and wisdom in all aspects of our life. The applauses to Allah to complete this project work. This work has been carried out at different carpet factory, Department of Textile Engineering, City University. During the thesis work, many individuals have unselfishly contributed their time, support to make this project possible. We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to those who have provided guidance in every step along the way.

The authors deeply indebted to our honorable supervisor Lecturer, Department of Textile Engineering, City University. Our honorable supervisor encouragement helped us in all the time of research for this thesis. Her scientific curiosity, encouragement and guidance throughout this work have been necessary for this thesis. She helped us every moment during this Project. Without her help it was quite impossible to do this project.