Compressed Gases Cylindered
Compressed Gases Cylindered

Guidelines on Use of Compressed Gases Cylinder Valves

Compressed Gases Cylinder Valves

The precautions to be taken in the transport, storage, handling and use of Compressed Gases Cylinder Valves are known and understood by all personnel. To meet statutory requirements and ensure the safety of persons using compressed gases.Hazards associated with the use of compressed gases include oxygen displacement (and possible asphyxiation), fires, explosions, toxic gas exposures, and the physical hazards related to high pressure systems. Read about Proof Cylinder Test Procedure

Racking :All pressure vessels including purge bottles to be listed, numbered and registered, inspections and tests to be carried out on due date in accordance with the legal requirement. The test period of vessels to be ascertained and indicated on the list. Still insufficient racking in the store rooms –currently sourcing more. We did not receive much of an update during our meeting so please help to update us on your progress.

Night fire drill: All vessels to be properly identified by painting the number on the body and or putting a numbered tag at appropriate place.

The guidelines of the night fire drill have been added to the fire drill SOP but we have not seen a copy so please help to send.

Risk assessment: Still need an update on whether you have reviewed your current risk assessment based on Auto Garment’s version.

Building check format

All safety valves (relief valves) to be list, numbered and registered with relief pressures. The test period of Safety valves to be ascertained and ideicated on the list. We were told that hamid is working on the building check format. Please can you update us on any progress made.

Red Line on Pressure Gauges.

All pressure gauges to be listed, numbered and registered. The test period of pressure gauges to be ascertained and indicated on the list.

All pressure gauges to be properly identified by putting a numbered tag or dymo taped number at appropriate place on the pressure gauges and also on the pipe / block connecting the pressure gauges.

The pressure gauges to have a red line on the dial or body not on the glass indicating the maximum operating pressure.

Cylinder Storage & Usage

Full and empty cylinders to be stored separately

Flammable and oxidizing cylinders to be stored separately

Cylinders used in vertical position to be fastened.

Cylinders to be tested & maintained as per statutory requirements.


Factory lighting may have an impact on worker safety, productivity and product quality. There may be different needs for lighting depending upon the particular machinery being used or the task in which the workers are involved. Certain manufacturing tasks (e.g. stitching) may require greater than other tasks. Generally, the illumination that is provided should be sufficient to accidents and be consistent with the production of high quality goods. Specific lighting values for various factory areas are recommended .There must be emergency lighting provided in general factory areas, in stairwells, and along all of egress. This emergency lighting must have a power source that is independent of the general energy supply to the factory (e.g. battery-powered lights with continuous charging).Production areas should be kept clean and floors should be dry. Product and raw material storage should Factory Area

Illuminance Values (lux)

Office work areas 300 – 500

Storage areas and warehouses > 50

Aisles > 50

Stairs > 100

Manufacturing: assembly, stitching and general manual operations

> 300

Machining: cutting, grinding, punching, laser cut, lathe, milling, drilling, electric sawing,

.> 500

Quality assurance and control 650 – 800

Toilets > 100

First Aid rooms > 500


All safety valves to be properly identified by putting a numbered tag at appropriate place on the valve and also on the pipe connecting the safety valve. The safety valves to be sealed after testing so that the relief pressure setting cannot be changed. Compressed Gases Cylinder Valves -Emergency lighting >1, but also >1% of the general aisles lighting in the associated factory area

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