Proof Test Procedure of Cylinders
Proof Test Procedure of Cylinders

Proof Cylinder Test Procedure

Proof Test Procedure of Cylinders

Proof Test Procedure of Cylinders -Vendors must share Auto ’s commitment to product quality and to maintaining the operating practices necessary to meet Auto ’s quality standards. PPE & Hand tools required: Hand Gloves, Adjustable Wrench. Visit for more fire equipment list  …


  • Auto requires from an authorized corporate representative of each Vendor (or, if applicable, of each sub-contractor) a statement of acknowledgement of and agreement to the principles, terms and conditions in these Global Sourcing and Compliance Guidelines.Select the four cylinders to be tested.
  • Open up the valves from the cylinders.
  • Clamp the cylinders in the tilting vice.
  • The Vendor must adhere to its national laws regarding the protection and preservation of the environment. Fill the cylinders with water.
  • Close the cylinder with Valve Adapter.
  • Wipe out any trace of water from the body of the cylinders.
  • Auto  will not condone any type of corporal, mental, or physical punishment, or any sexual or other harassment by a Vendor. Start the compressor to pressurize the cylinders at the test pressure.
  • Test pressure must be maintained after disconnection from the pressure source for at least one minute without any loss of pressure or evidence of water loss.
  • If there are no loss of pressure or evidence of water loss proof test is complete for that batch.
  • In event of a failure, the defective cylinder shall be isolated and the remainder of the batch should be re-tested.
  • The cylinders are then tilted (upside down) to empty out water inside the cylinders.
  • The cylinders are again tilted to make them at upside up position.
  • Unclamp the cylinders and fix the valves.


Proof Cylinder Test Procedure of – Auto  reserves the right to undertake affirmative measures, such as audit and on-site inspection of production facilities, to monitor compliance with the above guidelines.  Auto ’s Vendors must allow Auto  representatives full access to the Vendor’s/sub-contractor’s production facilities and books and records, respond promptly to reasonable inquiries by Auto ’s representatives concerning the operations of the Vendor’s or sub-contractor’s facilities, and allow Auto  (or its agents) reasonable opportunities to randomly choose and interview Vendor’s or sub-contractor’s workers.  Auto  reserves the right to cancel all current purchase orders with any Vendor and their sub-contractors in the event Vendor or its sub-contractor fails or refuses to allow on-site inspections or interviews of workers or if either is found by Auto  to be in violation of any of the above guidelines or requirements.

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