Automatic Self Closing Valve Installation in the Chimney

Automatic Self Closing Valve

  • Automatic Self Closing Valve – The moment a burner turns off, a natural draft can develop through the boiler and the chimney. A valve on the chimney that automatically closes when the burner is turned off, keeps the hot air within the boiler.
  • In case this measure is implemented, the boiler better maintains its temperature and pressure. Boiler pressure is maintained during the night and therefore the boiler can quickly be started in the morning.
  • This option is profitable in case the boiler is turned off or on stand-by overnight.
  • The investment costs for an automatic valve range between INR 30 000 and INR 60 000. When the boiler is turned off at night or left on stand-by, this option can have a payback period of two years.
  • There is a tremendous amount of information on the Internet about boiler efficiency. For instance, have a look at the boiler efficiency database. It may be Gas cylinder valve

Measuring the wastewater generation

This option supports you in getting an overview of the amount and quality of the wastewater generated in your company.

Wastewater treatment is an important cost-driver in textile processing and a major source of environmental pollution. Collecting and generating data about wastewater generation are thus key steps to improve your efficiency in textile processing. The reasoning behind it is quite simple: “if you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it”. Using the generated data will help you to draw a trend line of your performance over different time-periods (benchmark), to identify improvement options and to set targets. With a benchmarking process you can compare your performance internally as well as externally, with industry averages or competitors.

In order to determine the generated wastewater streams you can use the following table. Please determine the processes where the largest amount of wastewater occurs. In the case of wastewater, it is not only the amount but also the quality, which count. Where possible, state the generated amount and specify key characteristics1 of your effluent to get information on its quality. If available, use data from the last fiscal year or the last quarter and state the chosen time-period in the table. Otherwise collect the necessary information. Also try to fill out the total wastewater generated, which should not simply add up rows above, but summarise wastewater generated by all processes.

For comparability reasons make sure to use the same time-period (e.g. one fiscal year) for all processes. In case you do not have the information and/or cannot collect it, try to fill out the table based on estimates. In this case, mention in the comments line that the figures are estimates. 

To benchmark your performance and see your improvements, use a “wastewater generated per unit” ratio. The “unit” should be the unit of production that is most useful for you. Examples could be “m2 of product” or “1 000 units of product” (e.g. my company generates X m3 of wastewater for every 1 000 m2 of fabrics produced). You can also use a ratio based on wastewater treatment costs per unit. The management option Measure your water use efficiency is also an interesting option to help you improving your wastewater generation. While this option targets your water output, Measure your water use efficiency helps you to control and reduce the water you put in your processes, contributing directly to reduce your wastewater generation.

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