Generator Cooling Tank

To ensure the proper storage & uses Generator Cooling Tank Chemicals. Applies to the Maintenance section Generator in Auto Textiles Ltd. Deputy Manager, Jr. Officer, Supervisor, Jr. Supervisor and CFT members are responsible for this jobs

Generator Cooling Tank Chemical Process

  • Requisition of Generator Cooling tank chemicals to store Section. Then its collect from Chemical store for use. Its done by supervised of a Jr. Officer/ Supervisor.
  • Here 3 types of chemical are use
  • Scale & corrosion inhibitor
  • Biocide for open evaporative system
  • Biocide for open evaporative system
  • Dosing system for Scale & corrosion inhibitor chemical.
  • This chemical is use daily. For dosing chemical we use a container. In this container we put chemical for a day. The chemical dose to cooling tank by dosing pipe. This chemical is use for controlling scale & corrosion of water.
  • Biocide for open evaporative system.
  • This chemical is use per half monthly & its drop to the cooling tower directly.
  • The chemical use for remove alga from water.
  • This is the safe chemical procedure
  • Incase of spillage/Drop chemical in the floor then
  • Washing this place with water & detergent and drain all washing water in Effluent treatment plant to save our Environment. If use any fabric to wash its store in a Designated area.
  • When a Running drum chemical is empty then set a new Drum in this system. This chemical Drum cap is airtight so when its shift to open tank then safe for any spillage.
  • Generator Cooling Tank Chemicals is used in garments industries