What is Groups Leather Flex Durability Fatigue Tester?

Fatigue Tester Specification

  • Fatigue Tester Specification Standard: BS-3144, JIB-K6545, QB1873, QB2288,
  • QB2703 GB16799-2008, QB /
  • T2706-2005
  • Technical Parameters:
  • Bending angle: 22.5 (± 0.5) °
  • Test piece device value: 12PCS
  • Bending rate: 100 (± 5) C.P.M.
  • Counter: 6 digits
  • Motor: 400W
  • Input power: AC220V 50HZ
  • Machine size: 650 × 500 × 350 (mm)
  • Machine weight: about 50kg

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Compliance – Wages and Benefits

  • records of swipe card & actual production records do not match (i.e. not complete & not accurate), so that payments / wages cannot be verified OT wages are not paid correctly to all workers, should include all workers, that are not staff as well as piece rate workers
  • not all workers are paid according to law, e.g. cleaners
  • deductions (e.g. absence) not made from basic salary (divided by 30 days rather than e.g. 26 days) but from gross salary affecting allowances such as medical, house and rent (Bangladesh)
  • monetary fines used to discipline workers e.g. for late coming, playing cards, drinking on site
  • workers are not well aware of earned leave benefit, OT rate etc.
  • annual leave is not provided to all workers (e.g. piece rate workers are not getting paid leave)
  • in case of absent deduction from pay, factory divides basic salary by 26 days instead of 30 days
  • absenteeism includes weekly holiday and factory deducts 1 whole day for ½ day absence
  • weekly holiday included in sick or casual leave
  • sick & casual leave are difficult to get by the workers as no proper procedure in place
  • factory did not allow more than 2 days of casual leave and in cases added earned leave to it
  • in case of maternity leave, factory does not mention the leave duration date (starting and ending date of leave) in leave application or in leave register.
  • factory does not give 7 days paid paternity leave for husbands (China)
  • no compensatory wage paid for piece rate workers for statutory holidays
  • factory did not provide 12 months of payrolls
  • factory is not providing contract letters with employment conditions to workers prior to employment incl. working hours

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