What is Retention Tape Testing Machine for Groups Adhesive?

Retention Tape Testing Machine Features:

  1. Microcomputer control of Retention Tape Testing Machine , LCD liquid crystal display;
  2. Automatic timing, locking; 3.5 station or 10 station independent timing, do not interfere with each other. Technical Parameters:
  3. Test plate: 5 sets or 10 sets (mirror stainless steel plate)
  4. Test plate: 50 mm (L) × 50 mm (B) × 1.5 mm (D)
  5. Timer: 5 or 10 groups, 0 ~ 9999 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds
  6. Weight: 1000g ± 10 g (including loading plate weight)
  7. Standard pressure roller: 2000g ± 50 g (optional) Distribution Price: 200 yuan

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  • factory does not educate mid level management and workers regarding workers rights/benefits, obligation and security. waste contractors who collect the waste and dispose of it have no licence
  • factory has not established a social accountability policy and has not communicated the ETI base code to workers and their suppliers waste not sold to a legal authority
  • Effluent Treatment Plant- Factory has to have a well functioning ETP prior to work with Marks and Spencer . waste not identified, segregated and labelled by type and hazard (e.g. plastics, cotton, electrical wastage, polythene etc.)
  • All the scales either mechanical or electrical- needs to be calibrated at least once in a year with calibration certificate on it. Regular in house calibration needs to be done for every month. Same applies for all the fire extinguishers. Need to display the calibration checklist.waste not stored in an allocated & appropriate area that avoids fire, spills or infestation
  • factory does not have a waste inventory and tracking system
  • no noise level assessment carried out in the factory, no system in place
  • factory does not have an inventory of & registered air emission sources incl. prevention and protection technical data and information
  • air emission units not registered and not regularly inspected, relevant documentation not available
  • factory has not obtained relevant consent orders from the pollution control board to operate (e.g. for air, water etc.)(India)
  • no EIA conducted and no EIA approval obtained environmental authority (China)
  • workers, cleaners and wastage loaders are not properly trained on waste handling, wastage identification, labelling and disposal

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