What is Electric Roller Testing Machine?

What is Electric Roller Testing Machine ?

  • Wheel load: 2000g ± 5g of Electric Roller Testing Machine
  • Wheel size: ¢ 84mm × 45mm
  • Rubber hardness: Hs80 ± 5 (Shore A type)
  • Thickness: about 6mm
  • Rolling speed: 300mm / min
  • Number of rounds: 2 groups
  • Overall dimensions: (L × W × H) 520 × 400 × 250mm

Workers Safety Issue

  • whatever is specified by the local law (Bangladesh: 2nd exit required if more than 5 people working in an area)
  • Printer Roller is used same technology
  • anti-explosive lights not installed in areas where many cartons are stored
  • emergency lighting not found around exits in factory and dormitory
  • emergency numbers not posted throughout factory/dormitory
  • exits obstructed by iron or cement bars in doorways
  • fire alarm not provided in every section (e.g. security guards dormitory, boiler room)
  • fire alarm switches missing in areas such as accessory store, child care room, wastage room
  • ire fighter’s certificates not available. factory does not have nurse/paramedics/full time doctor for ambulance room covering ALL worked hours incl. OT and excessive OT (Bangladesh requires full time doctor at all times, not just nurse or paramedic)
  • fire fighter’s photos not available at fire points
  • fire inspection certificate not available for all floors or all production buildings
  • first aid boxes not filled sufficiently and not checked regularly
  • first aiders are not wearing identification (e.g. uniform, armband or badge)
  • no fire assembly point set and not marked as such. health & safety training incl. safe chemical handle & use is not provided to new and regular workers
  • no fire licence or licence is not covering all floors in use
  • roof top of factory used as dining hall or for other operations, which should rather be kept empty in the case of an emergency (Bangladesh only)
  • some fire alarm switches found inactive. broken needle register not available (covering sewing needles, hand sewing needles, mending needles, tag guns etc.)
  • water tank capacity not sufficient as per law. clippers, scissors, knitting needles (for fault marking) found unattached to workstation and no positive daily release system in place

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