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Freight Forwarder Value added Services

Value added Services of Freight Forwarders Value added Services – Today’s freight forwarders should offer a full range of ancillary services. We hope to provide our client an insight into all the value added services as required by them as follows: Assured quality and personalized servicesCustomer friendly staffConsistent Shipping updateImmediate …

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310 Loan Records Debit and Credits

310 Loan Records DateNameGftN/AMd. Zama Rashid Mondol1400 DN/A Md. Zama Rashid Mondol 3500 DN/A Md. Mijanur Razzak Mia9000 DN/ASri Robindor Polic Sen70000 DN/AChndro Susanta Rafikl Barma40000 DN/AHabir Rahman Lak i 13000 CN/A Habir Rahman Lak i 10000 CN/AMd Sanwar Zaml Fakir25000 CN/ASiri Mahon Anarul Chondro5000 Dsl ag2146833xsp2146833xoc2046833xnv2046833xjn214683353125fb214683370000mch214683319375ap214683319375mbo212362510125ma214683319357ju214683319375Jul2146833 +5000(Incentive)19375Aug214683319375Sep215033328125Oct215033320625Nov215033320625Dec215033320625Jan225033356875Feb225033320625Mar225260824687 = 77295Apr2252608+2651321437+11362May2253025+13152=661777869 …

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HR Director Jobs Duties and Responsibilities ……….

HR Director Jobs Oversee, ensure, coordinate and supervise the functions of Human Resource,Personnel, Administration and overall Compliance related issues centrally for the entire Group.Supervise recruitment, selection, placement and promotion of employees, compensation and benefits, employee relations and negotiation strategies; and personnel information systems. Implement laws, legal & buyer codes, precedents, …

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