Value added Services of Freight Forwarders

Value added Services – Today’s freight forwarders should offer a full range of ancillary services.

We hope to provide our client an insight into all the value added services as required by them as follows:

  • Assured quality and personalized services
  • Customer friendly staff
  • Consistent Shipping update
  • Immediate respond to rate request and information queries
  • Door-to-Door Services

Our Continual Commitment

To deliver high quality service that is tailored to each customer need
To be perfect in operations
To expand our knowledge of international trade regulations

This ensures that we reach the high standards in serving the logistic n

We are dedicated to build an enduring relationship with each customer – a partnership bona-fide on assurance to quality and trust. WE VALUE TO BE: • Intent on results, not on activity • Reliable • Unambiguous • On time eeds of our clients emphasizing the inter-modal concept of the company.

International Courier Services

We provide International Courier Service to all destinations around the globe. Presently, we have exclusive rate agreements with some prominent Int. Couriers Companies. Side by side our own Int. Courier Service, namely Auto Express is waiting to launch very soon.

Logistic Services