Benefits of Litchi and Cultivation Process for Farmer

Fertilizer recommendation before planting:

  • Cowdung 30.00 Kg/pit
  • Ash 10.00 Kg/pit
  • N 0.15 Kg/pit (or Urea – 326.00 g/pit)
  • P2O5 0.30 Kg/pit (or TSP – 667.00 g/pit)
  • K2O 0.20 Kg/pit (or MP – 333.00 g/pit)

a. All cowdung, ash, phosphorus and potassium should be thoroughly mixed with the soil and placed in the pit.

b. Ten to twelve days later the trees can be transplanted.

c. Five to six months after transplanting nitrogen should be applied.

d. Fertilizers should be applied annually in split applications-one half in the month of March and the remainder in September until the tree is fruiting. Rates of application should be increased each year by 0.05, 0.20, and 0.125 kg of N, P2O5 and K2O, respectively, over the previous year.

Fertilizer recommendation for fruiting tree:

  • Cowdung 7.00 Kg/tree
  • Ash 8.00 Kg/tree
  • N 0.70 Kg/tree (or Urea – 1.50 g/plant)
  • P2O5 0.30 Kg/tree (or TSP – 3.30 g/plant)
  • K2O 0.20 Kg/tree (or MP – 1.15 g/plant)

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