Best Water Pressure Booster Pump Maintenance Check List

Best Water Pressure Booster Pump

  • Best Water Pressure Booster Pump Main power supply             
  • Inspection for voltage fluctuation 
  • Proper earthing condition
  • Inspection for damage of contact  point
  • Check the indicator lamp damage or not
  • Check proper functioning all the switch

Pressure Vessel: Check air leakage

Safety valve : Correct functioning the safety valve

Control valve      

  • Any leakage at the valve
  • Is the valve operated easily

Pressure gauge    

  • Correct Indication
  • External cleaning
  • Any leakage at the connecting point

Water pump        

  • Check water leakage of Best Water Pressure Booster Pump
  • Check electrical connection
  • Check any abnormal sound
  • Check the current and voltage
  • Check the motor hot or cool at running condition

Suction Chamber: Check the air leakage

Pipeline:  Check the water leakage


  • Overall surfaces in the panel board, MCB, MC
  • Outer surface of electric motor, Vessel, Pipe line
  • Painted the rusted surface area of Best Water Pressure Booster Pump


The purpose of this procedure is to control lifting gears, equipments to minimize such risk of failure by the use of system of inspection and preventative maintenance. This procedure shall apply to all heavy equipments, lifting equipment and gears in use on the SMI project. This procedure covers types of lifting equipment, identification of inspection status and registering of lifting gears.


  • Heavy Equipment: Such as; Roller, Excavators, Bulldozers, Scrapers, Backhoes, Forklifts etc.
  • Lifting Equipment:Such as; Cranes, Boom trucks, Piling rigs, mobile platforms, ‘Cherry pickers’, Man lifts, Mobile Elevated Work Platforms etc.
  • Lifting Gear:Such as; Shackles, slings, wire ropes, chain blocks, tirfors, come-alongs, block and tackle, chains, and spreader beams, etc

Competent:Trained, experienced and able to perform the allocated task to the required standards in accordance with all applicable procedures, standards and legislation, without direct supervision.A competent person should have the maturity to seek such specialist advice and assistance as may be required to enable him to make necessary judgments and be a sound judge of the extent which he can accept the supporting options of other specialists .He must be able to certify with confidence whether the lifting equipment is free from latent defect and suitable in every way for the duty for which is required


Project Manager:He is the main responsible person in the implementation of the Equipment, Certification & Inspection Procedure. He shall create an Equipment inspection team that will make sure that all the provision of this procedure is followed. The Project Manager shall make sure that this procedure is reviewed and updated timely HSE Manager:Shall keep every certificates and records regarding to the equipments about their regular inspection, insurance, driver’s license.Shall provide the names and details of training and experience of competent Lifting Supervisors.Shall ensure that lifting equipment used on site is tested regularly and is witnessed by the current color code.


  • Shall ensure that all lifting gear and lifting equipment brought to site is tested, certified and maintained in a safe condition.
  • Shall be responsible for the regular inspection and maintenance of all lifting devices to ensure conformity to the requirements of all standards and codes.
  • Shall coordinate with the Client regarding of all lifting equipments.

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