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How Vicsign Cutting Plotter Software Works?

Vicsign Cutting Plotter Software

Vicsign cutting plotter software use true USB2.0 high speed data transmission: No need to install USB drivers, Support USB Virtual Interface Converter. High-precision digital servo DC: High-precision output, lower noise less than 50dB at work. Multi-output interfaces: RS-232C / USB2.0 /SD Card(1-8G)/U Disk. Higher cutting force, 1200g pressure suits for strong strength reflective film and various coated materials within 1mnn. Intelligent & automatic contour cutting function: Automatically scan in a row, Safety precautions

Vicsign Cutting Plotter Specification

Technical Parameter Value
Name Vicsign cutting plotter software
Model HSQ1200/1080/630
Structure Drum type
CPU 32-bit
Driver Digital Servo motor
Positioning Mode Precision electronic Bounded System, random original
Max Paper Feed Width 1300/1180/730mm
Max Cutting Width 1200/1080/630mm
Max Cutting Speed 1200mm/s
Cutting Force 0-1000g(Digital adjustment)
Mechanical Precision 0.05mm
Repeatable Precision <± 0.1mnn
Workable Pen Number 1 pen
Interfaces RS-232C/USB2.0/SD ( 1-8G ) /U Disk
Cache Memory 8MB
Programming resolution DM-PL:0.1/0.05/0.025/0.01mm; HP-GL*2:0.025mm
Cutting mode Intelligent&automatic contour cutting
Display panel LCD
Power Supply AC110V/220V± 10% 50Hz/60Hz
Power Consumption 50w
Operation Environment 10°C – 35°C/35% 75%RH
Workable Environment 16t – 32°C/35% – 75%RH
Noise at work 50dB
External Dimension 1562x342x385/1442x342x385/982x342x385
Shipping Weight 35kg/33kg/25kg

Features of Vicsign Cutting Plotter

  • No leaking any liquid into plotter
  • Don’t touch top of cutting blade
  • Use power cable correctly, no bend.
  • No lean.
  • Don’t use plotter when thundering
  • Standard accessory

Assemble cutting plotter:

3.1 1200mm&1600mm plotters have stand, stand is optional for 630mm,330mm plotters has no stand. First lock stand with screws; Put the vicsign cutting plotter in a dry and flat place, connect power supply, USB cable;

Assemble cutting plotter
Assemble cutting plotter

3.2  Install cutting blade as below:

 Install cutting blade
Install cutting blade

3.3 Place the materials in cutting plotter, the steel shaft claw should be fixed on the roller as photo shows:

Place the materials in cutting plotter
Place the materials in cutting plotter

3.4  Buttons:

Buttons of cutting plotter

Off line pause: Offline the cutting plotter, can move the carriage; Pause the cutting plotter when it is cutting;

Origin: Fix the place.

Test: Before cutting, do a test to confirm the blade is installed correctly, the force and speed is suitable for materials;

Mode: Exchange Chinese to English, change blade to pen;

Reset: Reset the files;

Enter: When using SD card to cut, find the exact file, click “Enter” to start cutting;

Direction key buttons: LCD shows speed and force, up and down buttons, increase or decrease speed, left and right buttons change force; Offline cutting plotter, move carriage with direction key buttons;

  • Force and speed:

Cut some thin materials like vinyl, the force will be around 100g,cut thick materials like reflective film, it is about 200g-300g;The speed for step motor vicsign cutting plotter is 0-650mm/s, servo motor cutting plotter is 1200mm/s;

4. Install USB driver

USB driver is optional to install.When install USB diver via USB cable, and the system of computer is 32-bit Win xp/Win7/Win8,should install 32-bit USB driver ; the system of computer is 64-bit Win7/Win8, should  install 64-bit USB driver. When the plotter works without USB driver , should choose “USB_Printer_0” as port in Flexi software.  But select “USB001” as port in Coreldraw plug-in. (Use RS232 cable, no need install USB driver, and the port will be COM1) Print the file, no enlarger or smaller than original file, proportion is 1:1(100%): Place the image in vicsign cutting plotter click “offline pause” button, move the carriage and fix the blade/pen in the area of Mark1, then click “origin”



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