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Textile Dye House Automation System Software List

Dye House Automation Software

Textile Dye House Automation The Dye house automation system software provides fully automation of dye house department of the plant. It provides a complete automation solution.  The Dye house automation system software cover all steps from batch planning automation to dyeing end automation needed in the process of dyeing. The …

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How Jigger Dyeing Machine is used for Dyeing Fabric?

Dyes use for Dyeing Fabric in Jigger Dyeing Machine

Jigger Dyeing Machine for Woven Fabrics: Dyes use for dyeing fabric in Jig or Jigger dyeing machine which is suitable for woven fabric than knitted fabric because jigger exert considerable lengthwise tension on the fabric. This is also particularly suitable for cellulosic fibers because the natural dyes generally do not exhaust well …

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An overview of Jet Dyeing Machine for Dyeing Factory

Jet Dyeing Machine for Textile Industry

Jet Dyeing Machine: Jet dyeing Machine generally used for dyeing fabric, dyeing polyester, dyeing clothe and others type of dyeing. Jet m/c resemble becks in that a continuous loop of fabric is circulated through the machine. There are different types of dyeing technique applied in dyeing machine like disperse dyes, reactive dyes, vat dyes, acid dyes, organic dyes etc. After Jet …

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