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Water Flow Meter Measurement System Analysis
Water Flow Meter Measurement System Analysis

What is Digital Water Flow Meter Measurement System Analysis

Water Flow Meter Measurement System Analysis:

The sensor of water flow meter deliver exact, reliable and application adjusted flow measurement system analysis value in real time – for the monitoring of control process. The sensor  of flow meter measurement system analysis can be optimally integrated into the prominent control loop together with controller and metereing pump. Numerous probe housing are avaible for individual integration to the measurement system analysis process.The instrument of measurement system analysis is adjusted to each specific application. Finely graduated performance class offer the right technology for every metering task.

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Prominent offers full product lines form the simple transformation of water flow meter measurement system analysis signals for transmission to a central control unit via user calibrarted instrument with measured variable display for controller for complex task.

measurement system analysis
Measurement System Analysis

Installation of Measurement System Analysis :

Installing procedure of digital water flow meter measurement system analysis is described here shortly.

  • First install operating system software Windows XP/ Windows 7/ Windows 8
  • Than install crystal report
  • Than install visual basic programming language.
  • Than install digital water flow meter measurement system analysis application software
  • Than run digital water flow meter measurement system analysis application software.
water flow meters softwate
Water Flow Meters Software

Digital Water Flow Meter:

Smart digital water flow meter is the preferred option because its can relay their information to central monitoring and control units.

digital water flow meter
Digital Water Flow Meter


Digital water flow meters are more expensive than turbine or mechanical meters but they are more accurate and have the advantage of removing ‘human error’ because the ‘steps’ of hand written log books and transcription of data into spread sheets are omitted.

Flow Meter Types: 

There are three types of flow meters e.g. mechanical flow meter, electronic water meter and ultrasonic water flow meter

Mechanical Flow Meter:

Mechanical flow meter measure flow velocity, and calculate flow volume by multiplying velocity with pipe diameter. For accuracy the pipe should be filled with water and not contain air pockets.

mechanical flow meter and electronic water meter
Mechanical and Electronic Water Meter

Electronic Water Meter:

Electronic water meter or electromagnetic as a magnetic field is applied in the pipe which results in a potential difference that can determine the amount of water passing through the meter. Electronic water meter flow meters can be used to measure most electrically conductive liquids with or without solids, including water, wastewater, sludge, slurries and pastes. They are suitable for industrial purposes including effluent treatment plants.

Ultrasonic Water Flow Meter :

ultrasonic water flow meter contain an ultrasonic transmitter and receiver. The travelling time of sound between the two transducers is converted to the velocity of the water in the pipe. Flow rate is calculated from velocity and inner diameter of the pipe and the travel time of sound between two sensors. Ultrasonic water flow meter is sensitive to turbulent conditions and must be carefully  installed.

ultrasonic water flow meter
Ultrasonic Water Flow Meter

Optimal Track Automation & Engineering is a leading supplier of digital water flow meter and flow measurement products, established in 2009 with the emphasis being firmly placed on the provision of flow measurement solutions to industry. They represents various overseas manufacturers as Badger Meter & Dynasonics, UK, They also sale Steam, Gas and Oil meters and their measurement system analysis.

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  1. In our water treatment facility, digital flow meter is one of the most important device being monitored. Because of it we will know if we are supplying the right amount of pressure to the household.

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