Digital Voltage Stabilizer Sale.Electrical Equipment

We bought an automatic industrial voltage stabilizer, Model no: MSP-2000k 3phase, capacity: 200KVA, unit price 3,80,000.00 (Three lack eighty thousand taka only), we received this instrument date 27/05/05, we have already payment your company 3,00000.00 (three lack taka only). But now our company is facing in finance problem. Read more about 10Kva UPS

So, if will you give us fifteen days for payment of out standing Amount. We will very much grateful to you. Read more about Digital Water Flow Meter Measurement System Analysis

Portable Electrical Equipment

Objective:To monitor the safety of electrically powered portable equipment to prevent accidents.


  • Any electrical equipment which is connected by a plug and socket to be identified as portable equipment.
  • All identified portable equipment to be listed and registered
  • All portable equipment to be inspected at a regular interval, items used in a factory once every month and item used in office and residences once every 3 months.
  • The inspection & checks should include
  • loose connection
  • cracked or broken insulators
  • damage to casing
  • earth continuity
  • damage to switches
  • joins in flexible cords
  • correct polarity
  • The equipment checked and found to be in good condition to be noted in the register
  • and labeled on the plug. All equipment found not serviceable to be kept aside and handed over to the Store Keeper.
  • Electrician to be trained for inspection & check.
  • Inspector Portable Equipment and earth leakage to be appointed.
  • A draft appointment letter enclosed.

Inspection of Equipment

The Safety Organisation of  ( name of the site……..) has been organized for achieving better effectiveness and according to the structure you are hereby appointed as a Inspector for the above items:

As an inspector your primary duties will be

  • To ensure that all portable equipment used by this company is numbered and placed on register.
  • To inspect all the equipment registered above and to record all finding in the above mentioned register.
  • To ensure that all unsafe equipment tagged as defective is repaired if it is under your control or reported to the person responsible for the maintenance.
  • To ensure that all single phase wall plugs are connected to an earth leakage relay ( when fitted) and that the trip out limit is 15-30 m.A. This to be tested every 6 months and results entered into the register.

Earth Leakage Relay

  • To protect personnel and equipment from electrical malfunction.
  • Premises to be protected by permanent or portable units.
  • Socket outlets in kitchen, offices, laboratories and all other 220 volt outlets in factories to be protected by earth Leakage relays.
  • Portable units to be available for work in confined spaces and inside metal structure.
  • Regular Checking and Maintenance Records
  • All units to be identified numbered and registered.
  • Inspector to be appointed who should check effectiveness at a regular interval.