How to Configure WordPress Security Plugins

How to Configure WordPress Security Plugins

Jetpack Security Plugin

Additional admin users connected to their accounts, can also enable these notifications for themselves via Jetpack>> Settings>> Security. Here

Downtime monitoring

Set On/Off in below option

  • On/Off: Get alerts if your site goes offline. We’ll let you know when it’s back up, too.
  • On/Off: Send notifications to your email address
  • On/Off:Send notifications via notification

Plugin Updates

After login only admin can set plugin update active or deactivate . Jetpack plugin management tool enable you to update plugins automatically.

Brute force attack protection

Protect against unwanted login attempts and brute force attacks. This feature is activated by default when you connect account. It can be deactivated any time (even if you’ve been locked out) via your dashboard in the Site Settings page.

Secure sign-on

Using the same login credentials use for, you’ll be able to register for and sign in to self hosted sites quickly and securely. To enable this >> Allow users to log into this site using accounts setting in the log in section from Jetpack>> Settings >> Security in your dashboard.


Millions of users: To add Secure Sign On, you’ll become part of a large family

Compatible with your existing sign-in system: Secure Sign On is for complementary sign-in option to your existing registration system. When a user will connects, they’ll have a user account on your site.

Respects your Registration Settings: Secure Sign On follow the directives in Settings>> General, to enable new user registrations. If you don’t, existing users can still use it to log in.

Trusted relationship: Allow users to sign-in with the same credentials they use every day on This takes the pain out of having to remember and manage a new log-in for another service.


Setup Jetpack Security and Backup

Jetpack Scan (paid)

Jetpack Backup (paid)

Jetpack Anti-spam (paid)


The free WordPress plugin willIf I purchase Basic Platform $199.99/yr can I use it in multiple website by removing one by one only scan the core files and do a blacklist check. It does not include server side scanning, malware cleanups, blacklist removals nor protection. These are all included in our security platform plans

If I purchase Basic Platform $199.99/yr can I use it in multiple website by removing one by one

No, you cannot

Switching sites out is not allowed

is pro plugin can detect and clean malware in dataase

Yes it can


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