How to Backup and Restore WordPress Site with or without Plugin

How to Backup and Restore WordPress Site with or without Plugin

How to Backup and Restore WordPress Site with or without Plugin

Jetpack Plugin

Jetpack Backup Features

Never lose a word, image, post, page, or time worrying about your site. Use Jetpack_Backup to automatically create backups, and easily restore/migrate your site. If you change your hosting or plan Jetpack backup will not affect

If you want to use Jetpack_Backup with existing Jetpack plan that uses VaultPress for backups, we can manually convert your site from VaultPress to Jetpack_Backup.

How to Connect Jetpack Backup

To connect input below information

  • Credential type: SSH/SFTP
  • Server Address:
  • Port No: 22
  • Server user name:
  • Server Password: **********
  • Click on Save Button

Jetpack Backup Information

Once backups complete you willl see a “Backup complete” in your activity log, either daily or according to your time

If lose contact with your site, and your backups stop working, and they send an email after the second failed backup attempt.

Jetpack backup the following data >> (a) WordPress database. (Any tables that start with table prefix and also have a unique key or primary key.). (b) All files in the directories o pluginsmu-plugins, uploads and themes

Jetpack does backup the following data >> (a) WordPress’ core files, as these can be download from (b) Files outside the directories and folders listed above (c) Database tables that does not look like they belong to WordPress. (d) Database tables those rows have no unique identifier. (e) Cache files and backup directories. (f) Additional WordPress file installs. (In sub directories, for example.) (g) Any directory files containing a file named .donotbackup

What does real time mean >> (a) Jetpack Backup uses WordPress built-in “hooks” system that syncs those changes with our servers to generate a backup for your site. (b) WordPress core database tables (c) WooCommerce database tables (d) Any associated file changes (uploaded media, for example).

Question: Is Jetpack Professional Real Time Backup?

How to Download from Jetpack Backup

(a) Daily backups typically occur 24 hours from the previous backup and it does not support multisite. You can see all backup activity logs in below screen

How to Download from Jetpack Backup

(b) Click on Download Button that you want to download. After clicking on Download button you can see below highlighted process

Currently creating a downloadable backup of your site
We’re creating a downloadable backup of your site at Saturday, August 21, 2021 10:56 AM. You’ll be notified once it’s complete. Away we go! Your download is being created.

(c) After completing backup, you can see below screenshot

Jetpack Backup Complete

(d) After completing backup, you will get email notification with below text

Your website backup is ready to download
You recently requested a backup of your site Jetpack has prepared your files and you can download them now. This link will expire in 7 days.

(e) After clicking on Download button your browser will start to download

Transitioning from VaultPress to Jetpack Backup

(a) VaultPress features are available within Jetpack Backup and both offer the same backup, restore, and security functionality (b) FTP/SFTP/SSH credentials need to take backup but require to restore for both (c)  Jetpack Backup was more efficient than VaultPress

Question: I installed VaultPress Backup, since I am using Jetpack professional, so can I remove VaultPress?

Transitioning from VaultPress to Jetpack

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