Vehicle Truck Fleet Management Software System

Truck Fleet Management Software

Vehicle Truck Fleet Management Software System keep you on control, providing your vehicle, driver and customer information that you need to boost revenues and cut costs wherever it is possible. To get it please contact us

Vehicle Management Process

At first someone within a company will make a requisition for a vehicle. Transport in charge will view this requisition. Then a responsible person will check the availability of vehicle and notify to in charge. The transport in charge will approve the requisition

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Fleet Type

In RMG industries it can categories in 2 types. One is Covered van management and another one Car management. We will discuss here several open source software, you can choose any one. Just call us we will customized it for you free excluding service charge

1. Fleet Management Software

Here we are discussing some feature of Fleet Management software. Fleet Management software is used to serve both its both financial and operation information management.

  • Maximize your company revenue
  • Used for freight forwarding
  • Used for transportation as well as logistics services
  • Empower with business intelligence
  • Used by exporter division
  • Used by importer division
  • Complete visibility on vehicle life cycle coast
  • Used by supplier
  • Data improve visibility centrally
  • Used by customs broker
  • Used by overseas agent
  • Used by warehouse operator
  • Manage efficiently planning of maintenance
  • Helps to manage operations
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Helps to manage Driver
  • Showing vehicle down time
  • Helps to manage customer
  • Very good user interface
  • Helps to manage quotation
  • Helps to manage branch
  • Integrated with accounting management system
  • Helps to manage employee
  • Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Transport system management
  • Automating manual process
  • Tracking status management system
  • Project system management

1.1. Basic Vehicle Data Entry

  • ID Number
  • Covered Van No
  • Driver Information
  • Supplier Information
  • Driver Name
  • Customer Information
  • Address
  • Cartons Qty
  • Rent to Supplier Name
  • Rent from Supplier Name
  • Repair supplier name
  • Blister Qty
  • Spare supplier name
  • Fuel pump supplier name
  • Cell Number
  • CBM
  • Rented Vehicle or Owned Vehicle
  • On-Time Appointments
  • Buyer Name
  • Transit Time Management
  • Loading and Unloading Time
  • Event Notifications
  • Deadline Tracking
  • Historical Performance
  • Rent-a-car provider
  • Registration Number
  • Model Number
  • Unit
  • Year of Registration
  • Insurance Status
  • Load
  • Insurance Covered Amount
  • Cost
  • Insurance Validity

1.2. Case Study on Vehicle Management

The contractor and its subcontractor shall ensure that purchasing, leasing and contractual arrangements for vehicles lead to the provision and maintenance of vehicle that are fit for the Intended purpose. Only vehicle that are fit for the intended purpose shall be in the project construction , and they must only be operated in accordance with the design specification. Special attention shall be given to the vehicles safety equipment which will include;

  •   Three points seat belts
  •   Adjustable head rest (for all seats)
  •   Air bags (driver and front passenger as a minimum)
  •   Reinforced bumpers
  •   External reversing alarm
  •   First aid kit
  •   Fire extinguish (Dry powder)
  •   Warning Triangle

1.3. Drive Right Monitor System

For vehicles that may be used in rough. Or difficult terrain the provision for roll over protection is compulsory. Other specialist equipment, not mandatory but may be required as defined by risk assessment are the following;

  • Inform to driver
  • Inform to helper
  • Inform to extra driver
  • Comprehensive tool kit
  • Schedule Shipments in Advance
  • Locations wise Monitor Pickup
  • Dates wise Monitor Pickup
  • Times wise Monitor Pickup
  • Locations wise cancel Pickup
  • Dates wise cancel Pickup
  • Times wise cancel Pickup
  • Wrecking or jimmy bar
  • Straps and shackles
  • Automated Carrier Selection
  • GPS or compass and maps as minimum
  • Additional fuel container or supplementary fuel tank installed

Potable water containers All vehicles to be used in operational areas shall be diesel powered and shall be fitted with an appropriate spark arrestor and over speed protection. Only vehicles equipped in this manner will be permitted to enter the process

2. Wp Vehicle Manager Software

Now we will discuss about Vehicle Manager Software.

2.1. Main Menu:

The Main Menu of this software is given below

  1. Admin
  2. Vehicles
  3. Configurations
  4. Makes By Models
  5. Users
  6. Vehicle Types
  7. Fuel Types
  8. Mileages
  9. Model years
  10. Transmissions
  11. Cylinders
  12. Conditions
  13. Currencies
  14. Country
  15. Email Templates

2.1. 1.Admin Menu

Under Admin Menu we will get 4 sub menu that we can work.

  1. Control Panel,
  2. Information,
  3. Activities log

Control Panel: In control panel we will several button like Vehicles, Approval Queue, Vehicle Fields, Vehicle types, Information, System Errors , Translations, Update

2.1.2. Vehicle Menu

When we click on Vehicles button we can add a new vehicle by adding below information

  • Vehicle Type : *Crossovers
  • Make : * Select make
  • Model : * Select model
  • Model Year : 2017
  • Condition : * Select condition
  • Fuel Type : Diesel
  • Cylinder : 16 cylinders
  • Transmission : Automated
  • Ad-Expiry : * Select Ad Expiry
  • Registration City : Location City :
  • Mileage : 2
  • Speedometer : Miles
  • Price : $
  • Exterior Color : Red
  • Interior Color : Blue
  • Engine Capacity : NA
  • City Fuel Consumption : Information
  • Highway Fuel Consumption : Ok
  • Address : Dhaka
  • Map : Ok
  • Registration Number: 845784578
  • Engine Number : 5676767
  • Chassis Number :788990
  • Stock Number :345455
  • Acceleration : (0-100)
  • Max Speed :45
  • CO2 Emission :
  • Bargain Price : $3456
  • Export Price :$3456
  • Is Discount :Yes/No
  • Discount Start Date :12/12/20
  • Discount End Date :12/12/20
  • Discount Type : Horor
  • Percentage Discount : 45

2.1.3. Configuration : You can all types of configuration in this system

2.1.4. Makes By Models: After clicking on Add New Make button below information need to be insert

  • Makes by Title: BMW
    Published: Yes/No
  • Logo: Upload Image

2.1.5. User: After click on Add New Profile the following information need to be insert

  • Select User* : Select UserName*
  • Cell: 015855458
  • Phone: 89895874
  • Email Address*:
  • Website:
  • Photo (png,jpeg,gif,jpg): Upload a User Photo, (Maximum file size 5096 Kb)Location
  • Address: Dhanmondi
  • Map: Select from Google Map
  • Video: Link
  • Facebook: Profile Link
  • Twitter: Profile Link
  • Linkedin: Profile Link
  • Googleplus: Profile Link
  • Pinterest: Profile Link
  • Instagram: Profile Link
  • Reddit: Profile Link
  • Published: Yes/No

2.1.6. Vehicle Types: After clicking on Add New Vehicle Types button below information need to be insert

  • Title*: Cargo
    Published: Yes/No
  • Default: Yes/No
  • Logo: Upload Image Allowed extension ( png,jpeg,gif,jpg ) File size allowed ( 5096 KB )

2.1.7. Fuel Types: After clicking on Add New Fuel Types button below information need to be insert

  • Title*: Gas
    Published: Yes/No
  • Default: Yes/No

2.1.8. Mileages: After clicking on Add New Mileages button below information need to be insert

  • Title* : Kilometer
    Symbol*: KM
    Published: Yes/No
  • Default: Yes/No

2.1.9. Model years: After clicking on Add New Model years button below information need to be insert

  • Title* : 2020
  • Published: Yes/No
  • Default: Yes/No

2.1.10. Transmissions: After clicking on Add New Transmissions button below information need to be insert

  • Title* : Automated/Manual Selection
  • Published: Yes/No
  • Default: Yes/No

2.1.11. Cylinders: After clicking on Add New Cylinders button below information need to be insert

  • Title* : 4 Cylinders
  • Published: Yes/No
  • Default: Yes/No

2.1.12. Conditions : After clicking on Add New Conditions button below information need to be insert

  • Title* : New / Used
  • Published: Yes/No
  • Color: Select a color

2.1.13. Currencies: After clicking on Add New Currencies button below information need to be insert

  • Title*: Taka
  • Symbol*: Tk
  • Code*: tk
  • Published: Yes/No
  • Default: Yes/No

2.1.14. Country: After clicking on Add New Country button below information need to be insert

  • Title* : Bangladesh
  • Published: Yes/No

2.1.15. Email Templates: After clicking on Add New Email Templates button below information can be configure

  • New Vehicle Admin
  • New Vehicle
  • Visitor Vehicle
  • Vehicle Status
  • Delete Vehicle
  • Credits Purchase Admin
  • Credits Purchase
  • Credits Expire
  • Register New Seller
  • Vehicle Alert
  • Tell A Friend
  • Make An Offer
  • Schedule Test Drive
  • Message To Seller

2.2. Vehicle Options Check Any That Apply

2.2.1. BODY: Check any from below 12 items

  1. 3 Door
  2. 2 Door
  3. 4 Door
  4. Convertible
  5. Crew Cab
  6. Extended Cab
  7. Long Box
  8. Off Road Package
  9. Short Box

2.2.2. Drive train: Check any from below 12 items

  1. 2 Wheel Drive
  2. 4 Wheel Drive
  3. All Wheel Drive
  4. Rear Wheel Drive
  5. Supercharged
  6. Turbo

2.2.3. EXTERIOR: Check any from below 24 item

  1. Alloy Wheels
  2. Bedliner
  3. Bug Shield
  4. Camper Mirrors
  5. Cargo Cover
  6. Custom Wheels
  7. Dual Sliding Doors
  8. Fog Lamps
  9. Heated Windshield
  10. Limitation convertible Top
  11. Luggage Rack
  12. Metallic Paint
  13. Nerf Bars
  14. New Tyres
  15. Premium Wheels
  16. Rare Wheels
  17. Removable Top
  18. Ride Control
  19. Running Boards
  20. Spoiler
  21. Sunroof
  22. T-Top
  23. Tonneau cover
  24. Towing Package

2.2.4. INTERIOR: Check any from below 25 items

  1. Narrow Bucket Seats
  2. Retro Bucket Seats
  3. Adjustable Foot Pedals
  4. Air Conditioning
  5. Auto Dim isrv Mirror
  6. Cruise Control
  7. Bucket Seats
  8. Center Console
  9. Dual Climate Control
  10. Child Seats
  11. Heated Mirrors
  12. Cooled Seats
  13. Heated Seats
  14. Leather Seats
  15. Power Third Row Seat
  16. Power Door Locks
  17. Power Mirrors
  18. Power Seats
  19. Power Windows
  20. Rear Air Conditioning
  21. Rear Defrost
  22. Rear Sliding Windows
  23. Tilt Steering
  24. Tinted Windows
  25. TV

2.2.5. ELECTRONICS: Check any from below 27 item

  1. Alarm
  2. AM/FM Radio
  3. Anti Theft
  4. CD Changer
  5. DVD Player
  6. Dual DVD
  7. Hands Free Com Sys
  8. Infotainment Center
  9. Integrated Phone
  10. Ipod Port
  11. Ipod MP3 Port
  12. Keyless Entry
  13. Memory Seats
  14. Navigation System
  15. Onstar
  16. Backup camera and mirror
  17. Parking Assist Rear
  18. Power liftgate
  19. Rear Locking Differential
  20. Rear Stereo
  21. Remote Start
  22. Satellite Radio
  23. Steering Wheel Control
  24. Stereo Tape
  25. Tyre Pressure Monitor System
  26. Trailer Brake System
  27. Trip Mileage Computer

2.2.6. SAFETY FEATURES: Check any from below 9 items

  1. Anti Lock Brakes
  2. Backup Sensors
  3. Car Tracker
  4. Driver Airbag
  5. Passenger Airbag
  6. Rear Airbags
  7. Side Airbags
  8. Signal Mirrors
  9. Traction Control

3. Car Rental by BestWebSoft

This is very nice software for small organisation. Car Rental software is a helps you to create totally functional for renting cars. Add, edit & manage vehicle info, vehicle manufacturers, vehicle types, vehicle classes, extras, vehicle orders, and many other advanced features with a single software.

3.1. Free Features

  • This Software GDPR Compliant
  • Add Cars
  • Add Manufacturers
  • Add Vehicle types
  • Add Car classes
  • Add  Extras
  • Add Car filters
  • Add Order info
  • Add Image for slider
  • Add Title for slider
  • Add Description for slider
  • Add URL for slider
  • Set Reserved for order status
  • Set Free for order status
  • Set In use for order status
  • Set Custom for order status
  • Manage Location
  • Manage and Choose from the list
  • Manage Add custom one
  • Manage Number of seats
  • Manage Number of doors
  • Manage Luggage quantity
  • Manage Large suitcases
  • Manage Small suitcases
  • Unknown Transmission
  • Automatic Transmission
  • Manual Transmission
  • Air conditioning
  • Average consumption
  • Price per hour
  • Name is Editable
  • Slug is Editable
  • Parent is Editable
  • Description is Editable
  • Details is Editable
  • Price per hour is Editable
  • Quantity is Editable
  • Photo is Editable
  • From the list currency
  • Custom currency
  • Before numerals currency position setting
  • After numerals currency position setting
  • l/100km consumption unit
  • km/l consumption unit
  • Custom consumption unit
  • Hour (Select the rent period per)
  • Day (Select the rent period per)
  • Pick up & drop off time
  • Return location
  • Add custom code via plugin settings page
  • Incredibly simple settings for fast setup without modifying code
  • Multilingual and RTL ready

3.2. Main Menu of Car Rental

  1. All Car
  2. Add New Car
  3. Create Manufacturer
  4. Create Vehicle Type
  5. Create Car Classes
  6. Create Extra
  7. Create Slider
  8. BWS Panel

3.2.1. All Car: In this menu we can see all created car

3.2.2. Add New Car: By clicking this menu below data need to be enter

  • Car Title : Totota Car
  • Location: Dhaka/ Select from Google Map
  • Number of Doors: 4/5/6/7
  • Number of Seats: 4/5/6/7/10/
  • Luggage Quantity: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 (large suitcases)
  • Luggage Quantity: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 (small suitcases)
  • Transmission Type: Unknown/ Automatic/Manual
  • Air Conditioning: Yes/No
  • Average Consumption: 2 l/100km
  • Price per Hour ($): 258.00
  • Minimum Age: 16

3.2.3. Create Manufacturer: You can car manufacturer here. Click on Add New Manufacturer so below screen will show

  • Name New Manufacturer: BMW
  • Slug: manufacturer
  • Parent: hierarchy
  • Manufacturer Description : This vehicle manufactured by BMW

3.2.3. Create Manufacturer: You can car manufacturer here. Click on Add New Manufacturer so below screen will show

  • Name New Manufacturer: BMW
  • Slug: manufacturer
  • Parent: hierarchy
  • Manufacturer Description : This vehicle manufactured by BMW

3.2.4. Create Vehicle Type: You can create Vehicle Type here. Click on Add New Vehicle Type so below screen will show

  • Name New Vehicle Type: Lorry
  • Slug: manufacturer
  • Parent: hierarchy
  • Vehicle Type Description : This vehicle type

3.2.5. Create Car Class: You can create Car Class here. Click on Add New Car Class so below screen will show

  • Name New Car Class: Select Class A/ Class B / Class C etc
  • Slug: class
  • Parent: hierarchy under a Class A B etc
  • Car Class Description : This vehicle Class A Type

3.2.6. Create Extra: You can create Extra feature here. Click on Add New Extra so below screen will show

  • Name New Extra: Hand Control
  • Slug: Extra
  • Parent: Extra hierarchy
  • Vehicle Type Description : This Extra features like Hand Control , Seat Belt etc
  • Learn More: This is knowledge type entry
  • Price per Hour ($): 67
  • Upload Image: Select

3.2.7. Create Slider: You can create slider for display. After creating this button you need to input below information

  • Image: Upload / No image chosen
  • Image URL: example . com
  • Slide Title: A Title
  • Slide Description: Detail not of slider
  • Slide Link: example . com

3.2.8. BWS Panel: You can install below plugin to get more features. It can be mentioned that some are free and some are pro version

Captcha v 5.0.8: Best secure captcha Pro plugin to protect your forms.

Car Rental V2: Create your own rental website with pro version for car renting and booking. Activating this plugin you can make order and can see order status report. Report information is given below –

  • Order ID:
  • Car:
  • Extra:
  • Location From:
  • Location To:
  • Date From
  • Date To
  • Client:
  • Total:
  • Status:

Columns: Add columns pro version with custom content to website pages, posts,

Contact Form v 4.1.9: Allow customers to reach you using secure contact form pro version plugin

Contact Form Multi: Add unlimited number of pro version contact forms to website.

Contact Form to DB: Save & manage Contact messages.

Custom Admin Page v 1.0.1: Add unlimited custom pages to admin dashboard.

Custom Search: Add custom post types and taxonomies to website search results.

Error Log Viewer : Get error log messages to diagnose website problems.

Maps: Add Google maps to posts, pages and widgets.

PDF & Print: Generate PDF and print posts/pages.

Rating: Add rating plugin to your website to receive feedback from your customers.

SMTP: Configure SMTP server to email messages from your site to Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail

User Role: Powerful role management plugin for website.

Excluding above plugin this software have more 20 plus plugins that we can use.

4. Car Demon

This is open source software . It also contains a inventory management system with optional Vin Query Decode Integration, comparing vehicles tool, multiple location & support and a whole lot more.

4.1. Add New Location Menu

  • Name: Chittagong
  • Slug: Chittagong
  • Description: This is new location
  • New Sales Name: ChittagongSales
  • New Sales Number: 58788858
  • New Sales Email:
  • Used Sale Name: RMG Docs
  • Used Sales Number: 854785
  • Used Sales Email:
  • Default Vehicle Description: Ready to go.
  • Service Name: RMG Docs
  • Service phone Number: 587445
  • Service Email:
  • Parts department Name: RMG Docs
  • Parts phone Number: 587458
  • Parts Email:
  • Finance department Name: RMG Docs
  • Finance phone Number: 3366987
  • Finance Email:
  • Finance department URL: Enter a URL to your finance department.
  • Finance Popup: No/Yes
  • Finance Popup Window Width: 600
  • Finance Popup Window Height: 800
  • Trade department Name: RMG Docs
  • Trade phone Number: 69874
  • Trade Email:
  • Show New Prices: Yes/No
  • Show Used Prices: Yes

4.2. Add New Condition Menu

  • Name: Used / New
  • Slug: new
  • Description: This is new car

4.3. Add New Vehicle Tag Menu

  • Tag Name: Used / New
  • Slug: new
  • Description: This is new car

4.4. Add New Car Menu

  • Vin #: 987654
  • Stock # : 7565432
  • Mileage: 10km
  • Pricing: $45678
  • Retail Price: 45667
  • Rebates: na
  • Discount: 12%
  • Asking Price: 99876
  • Details: na
  • Body Style: Good
  • Year: 2020
  • Make: Totota
  • Model: Corolla
  • Specifications: Well condition
  • Trim Level: na
  • Production Seq. Number: 009987
  • Exterior Color: Red
  • Interior Color: Blue
  • Manufactured in: China
  • Engine Type: Gaas
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Driveline: Na
  • Tank (gallon) : 4
  • Fuel Economy (City miles/gallon): Gas
  • Fuel Economy (Highway miles/gallon): Oil
  • Anti-Brake System: Ok
  • Steering Type: Good
  • Length (in.): 20f
  • Width (in.)6f
  • Height (in.): 5

4.5. Shortcode

  •  [cd_inventory] short code for inventory
  • [cd_inventory title=”Ford Trucks” make=”ford” body_style=”truck”] another short code
  • [cd_inventory title=”Ford Trucks” make=”ford” body_style=”truck”] for ford truck
  • [part_request location=”Domestic Parts”]  & [part_request location=”Import Parts”] for departmetn
  • [contact_us send_to=””] for contact

5. Features of Vehicle Management Software

  • Management of requisition for export/import from different units of Babylon Group/outside Babylon
  • Management of movement /shipment schedule
  • Management of disputes/claims
  • Management of rate chart
  • Management of invoices
  • Management of tracking
  • Management of spares & items details process
  • Management of purchase details process
  • Management of received spare parts details process
  • Management of issue spare parts details process
  • Spares parts stock Management
  • Management of KML/MPL details process
  • Management of repair/servicing details process
  • Management of preventive maintenance (PM) schedule details process
  • Preventive maintenance (PM) check
  • Management of covered van information details process along with insurance & registration information
  • Management of driver information details process
  • Management of helper information details process
  • Management of covered van movement log details process
  • Management of petrol pump Details process
  • Management of slip details process
  • Management of fuel details process
  • Management of supplier details process
  • Management of comparative statement (CS) details process


Vehicle Truck Fleet Management Software System is business robotic engine that is very flexible, easier data visualization tools that contain very good dashboard as well as reporting tools. It offer data analytics in one same platform. You can customize dashboard to make interactive and build you customized report. Also run ad-hoc queries and optimize your data performance statistics

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