Vehicle Access Control System

Vehicle Access Control System – All incoming cargo to be checked at the gate during entrance by the on duty security guards as per challan either the goods is Rio Fashion’s raw materials or not. Please see our Access Control Solutions Software

  • The security personnel will enquiry the goods and to be informed to the admin authority in details. After necessary check with store authority the admin authority will give entrance permission.
  • Store will check the list according to prior noticed given by the purchase department regarding material purchasing & in housing time, transport, quantity, name of goods etc.
  • All the visitor’s Vehicle Access Control System to be checked during entrance by the security personnel and required to take permission from admin authority for entrance of vehicle.
  • No employees are permitted to enter into the factory without having identity card. If the employees service length is less than one month one gate pass (Temporary Identity Card) to be provided from the first day of their joining.
  • All the employees must check on the gate during entrance by the security personnel & admin authority according to their Identity Card / Gate pass.
  • No workers are allowed to enter into factory floor with matches, cigarette, explosive materials, bags etc which is to be checked during access.
  • After positive identification of all workers are allowed to work in the production floor.
  • Employees are permitted to enter into the factory after having checked with the metal detector if conflict arises. 
  • After loading the covered van immediately with the presence of store authority the door of the van should be locked and the lock should be sealed by the admin officer.
  • The number which is given on the seal should be maintained by admin authority of the company.
  • The seal no. given on packing list by admin authority with authorized signature is to be verified by shipping agent during receiving of goods.
  • 4. A register should be maintained for seals no. and according to the cartoon   no for which truck / covered van is carrying the goods for shipment.
  • The seal no. and seal to be remained under the control of admin authority   as confidential. The seal no. which is fixed to the door of truck / covered van is required    to take snap as documents.         
  • Visitor’s car must be checked by metal detector. The Vehicle Access Control Systemto be escorted up to the location of visitor’s car parking area.
  • Car no., name of visitors in the car, drivers name must be recorded in the register as records.The car to be parked only where the visitor’s car parking area is located (which is separated from other area).
  • All the management vehicles to be checked by the security personnel whether there is any unauthorized persons or not.
  • After positive identification all management personnel through identity card to be permitted to enter into the factory complex.
  • The vehicles to be parked in the predetermined car parking area. During the disembarkation the Vehicle Access Control System to be checked properly.
  • The security personnel will register the name of goods, quantity of goods, nature of goods, supplier name, truck no, driver name, incoming time etc after approval for entering the goods from administration.
  • The incoming cargo will be escorted by security personnel where the goods to be unloaded.
  • Before loading the covered van that must be inspected by the security personnel & store authority jointly to its interior, posterior, lateral, roof & surface of container for ensuring strengthen of the wall and If there is any hole or not.
  • The goods to be loaded in presence of security personnel & store officer and the door of covered van is sealed after immediate accomplishment of loading.
  • Security personnel will maintain a register for shortage or overages of cartoons. If there is any discrepancy.
  • Seal no. is required to maintain and that is to be posted on seal to the covered van as well as packing list & truck challan (Delivery Challan) which is given by the admin authority.
  • Packing list having seal no. to be send to the shipping agent who will check the packing list seal no. as well as covered van seal no.
  • After verification of seal no. the shipping agent will receive the goods and the receiving copy of Delivery Challan to be back to the factory management as document so that factory management can ensure about the goods reach safely.

Vehicle Maintenance 

SMI shall ensure that a comprehensive vehicle maintenance program is put in place for all vehicles operated in the project. All vehicles shall be maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance program, which be detailed in the vehicle documentation. In the absence of any documentation the vehicles shall be service in intervals of at least every three months. And the service will include mandatory checks of the vehicle safety systems and equipment, such as tires, brakes, steering and lights.

     The effectiveness of the maintenance program will be ensured by regular and specific inspection performed by the HSE Manager. The frequency of the inspection shall not be less than every six months.

    At anytime, either during the regular maintenance program, daily checks or random inspection, that a vehicle should be discovered to be not in good roadworthy condition, or any of its safety equipment is not functioning properly, will be immediately withdrawn from service. Any vehicles withdrawn for these reasons shall not be re-instated for the project until a full comprehensive vehicle examination has been performed and the vehicle is declared to be roadworthy and safe.

   The project shall formally define a program of technical control of the vehicles which will be in accordance with host country regulations; however in the absence of such, recognized regulations and standards shall be used. The frequency of the regular technical controls shall not exceed two years.

   Spare parts required as part of the maintenance program or as normal replacement, shall be supplied by a reputable supplier. And ideally the parts should be  the manufacturer’s specialized parts.

   Tire replacement shall only use high quality, international standards, tires which are the size and type specified in the vehicle documentation.

Vehicle Generalities

    It is contractor requirement that all vehicle documentation shall be valid and current for the subject vehicle , and shall be kept with the Vehicle. Copies of the vehicle documentation shall be retained by the HSE Manager and Vehicle maintenance section. SMI shall ensure that all vehicles are provided with valid insurance with full coverage of the potential risks that passengers may be exposed to during transportation. In the operation of the project. Vehicles that are not roadworthy, or in unsafe condition, or are not being used for the intended purpose shall not be used. And not be re-instated for use in the project until a full and comprehensive vehicle examination has been performed, and the vehicles is declared to be roadworthy and safe.

   Under no circumstances that are motorcycles permitted for use in the project construction.


Without having “hazardous chemicals” mark upon the container no hazardous chemicals carrying Vehicle Access Control System are permitted to enter into the factory.