The Complete WordPress Website Business Course Free

The Complete WordPress Website Business Course Online

Learning and Earning Digital Center Provide The Complete WordPress Website Business Course online for students. We have designed total 9 parts here. At the end of all parts you should complete assignments. So a student require to write at least 40 post to complete this course

Part – 1: WordPress Admin Panel Setting

  1. Introducing WordPress and dashboard setting
  2. Site title adding from dashboard
  3. Tagline adding from dashboard
  4. Registrant email address adding in dashboard
  5. Permalink setting in dashboard
  6. Reading option setting in dashboard
  7. Installing WordPress themes
  8. Setting them option
  9. Setting comments moderation
  10. WordPress user management
  11. Collect assignment & task

Part-2: Post/Blog/News Writing Procedure

  1. Publish a New Post/Blog/News
  2. Customizing and Formatting Post/Blog/News with H2, H3, B, I Tag
  3. Adding Post/Blog/News Tags
  4. Adding Post/Blog/News Category
  5. Adding Keywords in all posts and pages
  6. Inserting Images on Post/Blog/News
  7. Inserting Featured Images
  8. Collect Assignment & Task

Part-3: Plugin Installation and Setting

  1. Installing WordPress Plugins
  2. How to configure Anti-spam
  3. Which speed optimization plugin is fit for your website, Woodfance/Sucuri ?
  4. Which Contact Form is fit for you?
  5. Which SEO plugin is suitable for you, Yoast/ All in One/ Boost ?
  6. Which speed optimization plugin is fit for your website, WP Rocket /W3 Cash/WP
  7. Which visitor counter is suitable for you
  8. How to set & customize plugin
  9. Collect Assignment & Task

Part-4: Page Writing Procedure

  1. Adding New Page
  2. Creating About Page
  3. Creating Contact Page
  4. Creating Rules and Regulation Page
  5. Creating Privacy Policy Page
  6. Creating Mission and Vision Page
  7. How to Write FAQ
  8. How to Write Knowledgeable
  9. Creating Product Page
  10. How to Publish News
  11. How to Publish Blog Post
  12. Collect Assignment & Task

Part-5: Navigation Menu

  1. Creating Primary Menu
  2. Creating Top Menu
  3. Creating Category Menu
  4. Creating Sub Menu Item
  5. Customizing the Menu Order
  6. Collect Assignment & Task

Part-6: Header and Footer

  1. Changing and adding Header Information
  2. Changing and adding Footer Information
  3. Adding Website Logo Image
  4. Adding Website Icon Image
  5. Collect Assignment & Task

Part-7: Sidebar Setting

  1. Creating New Sidebars
  2. Adding Popular Widgets to Sidebars
  3. Adding Recent Post Widgets to Sidebars
  4. Adding Calendar Widgets to Footer if Footer is Available
  5. Collect Assignment & Task

Part-8: WooCommerce

  1. Install Woo Commerce plugin
  2. Setup Woo Commerce Plugin.
  3. Installing a Woo Commerce Theme
  4. Adding product
  5. Adding Variable Products
  6. Adding Digital/Downloadable Product
  7. Collect Assignment & Task

Part-9: Payment Gateway Setting

  1. Shipping method setup
  2. Payment Gateway
  3. Coupon creating
  4. Checkout Page editing
  5. Collect Assignment & Task

Part-10: Multi Vendor Installation

  1. WCFM/ Dokan Multi Vendor Settings
  2. Vendor Registration Settings
  3. Vendor Commission Settings
  4. Shipping & Refund Settings
  5. Marketplace, Orders & GEO Location Settings
  6. Inquiry & Product Custom Fields Settings
  7. Collect Assignment & Task

Part-11: Multi Vendor Configuration

  1. Store Badges and Verification
  2. Groups and Membership Settings
  3. Seller Related Settings
  4. Creating Coupon Code
  5. Creating Staff
  6. Reviews, Ledger Book and Report
  7. Seller Shipping Settings
  8. Order Fulfilling and Management
  9. Collect Assignment & Task

Part-11: WordPress Security

  1. 404 Page Not Found Detection
  2. Local Brute Force Protection
  3. Network Brute Force Protection
  4. SSL
  5. Hide Backend
  6. Collect Assignment & Task

Part-12: WordPress Speed Optimization

  1. WP Rocket Plugin
  2. W3 Total Cache Plugin
  3. How to Configuration CDN?
  4. Collect Assignment & Task

Part-13: XAMPP and WordPress

  1. Download XAMPP
  2. How to Install XAMPP
  3. Download WordPress
  4. How to Install WordPress in Localserver
  5. Collect Assignment & Task

Part-14: Backup and Restore

  1. Backup Home Directory
  2. Backup Database
  3. How to transfer cPanel into Localhost
  4. How to transfer Localhost into cPanel
  5. Collect Assignment & Task

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