Cheap SEO Packages Course Online

Cheap SEO Packages Training Course offer by LE Digital Center for students in online. For this every student need to write 5 article as assignment for each parts. Basic requirements of a product entry in Bangla. Call us to show presentation on Digital Marketing Expert Hiring for Growing Sustainable Apparel Business

1. Course Contents

Part-1: Search Engine Optimization

  1. What is search engine optimization
  2. SERP -Search Engine Result Page
  3. Whitehat and Blackhat SEO
  4. On page SEO techniques
  5. Off page SEO techniques
  6. Collect Assignment & task

Part-2: Plagiarism Checker / Unique Content/Image Checker

  1. How to check unique content in
  2. How to check unique images.
  3. How to find & work others plagiarism-checker online (smallseo)
  4. Collect Assignment & task

Part-3: Keyword Research

  1. Keyword difficulty for cheap SEO packages
  2. Keyword cannibalization
  3. Keyword search volume, CPC etc
  4. Which tools is feet for your business? Kwfinder / Keyword Revealer/ Google Adwords etc.
  5. Use long tail keywords.
  6. Keyword density
  7. Keyword stuffing
  8. Assignment & task

Part-4: Optimized Post/Page Writing Procedure

  1. How to write optimized news/page/products
  2. How to write optimized meta title for news/page/products
  3. How to optimized permalink with keyword for news/page/products
  4. How to optimized meta description for news/page/products
  5. How to optimized H2, H3, B, I Tag for for news/page/products
  6. How to optimized tags for news/page/products
  7. How to optimized category for news/page/products
  8. Assignment & Task manual is given below with Yoast SEP plugin

Part-5: Optimized Image Attachment Procedure

  1. How to check and ensure unique Image online
  2. Write optimized image ALT tag
  3. How to ensure optimized images title
  4. Write optimized images name
  5. Write optimized images description
  6. Collect Assignment & task

Part-6: Google Webmaster Tools

  1. What is Sitemaps.
  2. How to submit sitemap in WordPress ?
  3. Submit Sitemap XML file into Google Search Engine
  4. Submit Sitemap XML file into Yahoo Search Engine
  5. Submit Sitemap XML file into Yandex Search Engine
  6. Assignment & Task

Part-7: Audit Site Rank and Scores

  1. Website submission on different Search Engines.
  2. Collect Assignment & Task

Part-8: Backlink

  1. What is link building or backlinks.
  2. Blog Commenting
  3. Guest Post Submission
  4. Reciprocal link.
  5. Inbound Link
  6. Outbound Link
  7. Internal Link
  8. Nofollow Links
  9. Dofollow Links
  10. Bad Ways to Build Links
  11. Check with
  12. Collect Assignment & Task

Part-9: Social Media Marketing

  1. How to share post in Facebook Page/ Group/ Timeline
  2. How to set scheduled with auto sharing in social media
  3. How to share post in LinkedIn Business Page/ Profile
  4. Is post sharing in Twitter is effective for your business?
  5. Post Sharing in Instagram Page/ Pinterest Board/ Reddit Page etc
  6. Collect Assignment & Task

Part-10: Search Engines Crawlers & Bots

  1. Configure Robots.txt
  2. Configure Ads.txt
  3. Collect Assignment & Task

Part-11: Meta Tags for Websites

  1. Author Meta
  2. Google Webmaster tools
  3. Google Analytics Tools
  4. Collect Assignment & Task

Part-12: Web 2.0/ Blogging

  1. How to create a website in
  2. How to create a website in
  3. How to create a website in
  4. Collect Assignment & Task

Part-13: Competitor Analysis

  1. How to user Yahoo/ Bing/ Google Analytics
  2. How to use Alexa of Amazon to optimize your contents?
  3. How to audit a website using different SEO tools.
  4. Collect Assignment & Task


2. Yoast SEO Plugin

2.1. Yoast SEO Analysis Points

When you will use Yoast SEO Plugin, you should green marked all 14 points to get better result.

  1. Outbound links
  2. Internal links
  3. Keyphrase in introduction
  4. Keyphrase length
  5. Keyphrase density
  6. Keyphrase in meta description
  7. Meta description length
  8. Previously used keyphrase
  9. Keyphrase in subheading
  10. Image alt attributes
  11. Text length
  12. Keyphrase in title
  13. SEO title width
  14. Keyphrase in slug

If you can make less green like 4,5,6 option it will also work.

SEO Analysis Result for Content
SEO Analysis Result for Content

2.2. How to make green above option

How to make green above option
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2