Taking Meeting Minute Rules . Principles and Actions

Meeting Minute Rules

Meeting Minute Rules -During giving speech in the meeting minute rules you MUST take care that the listener does not get absent minded. No thoughts of the outside world should be in the meeting because the activity is the work of the ‘Darbar’. It is a very dangerous act. We sale Meeting Room Booking System for Buyer and Customers

Everybody MUST give full concentration on the meeting. Good quality of papers, pens etc. (stationary items) MUST be used in the meeting minute rules. There should be RED, BLUE and BLACK pen for marking different points differently. RED means mistakes, BLUE means need discussion etc.

Individual file MUST be maintained.We need to discuss about the mistakes which we did in the earlier sessions in the meeting. We have to overcome the mistakes within next 24h time. The same mistakes should not happen in future.

Everybody MUST be in a good, decent fashionable dressing. Gorgeous cloths MUST be wearing during summer session. In winter formal official dress (suite, tie and shoe) is preferable.

All attendees MUST use body deodorant and per need to conduct/arrange some kind of training to those who are fume before coming to the meeting. Lots of OTHER people are present in the meeting and so all attendees MUST be in holy/pure state of mind. Many important person observe our meeting.

‘Colored Stick’ (made of ‘Gozeri’ tree) will be there in the meeting room when ‘Baba’ is present in the meeting.If anybody feel asleep, he/she MUST be punished either in monetary or physical form (hitting by punch).

Business related discussion will be in a separate session. Need to establish the business proposal. Wrist watch is not allowed in the meeting. Mobile phone MUST be switched off. In case of emergency one may use by taking permission and going outside the room.


All communications in the meeting should be in English. Fluency in spoken & written English is a MUST. We need to conduct/arrange some kind of training to those who are lacking in English. Writing pad and pen with the Spiritualizer foundation logo should be prepared. Flowers should be there in the meeting room.

As our organization is profit based so we all legal papers should be prepared in proper ways. As this government is very strict in paper works that’s why we need to take extra precautions about the works. One person will lead a lot of other people, so we need to know how to instruct/lead. All need to know and practice 4 types of Tie-Knotting techniques.

We need to add some Yoga related to the physical fitness of the attendees. Need to make donation to the SIDR victim to ‘Prothom Alo’ in the name of the Foundation to make our good activities (the foundation) visible. We need to organize blood donation program so that we can help our ‘Zaker’ brothers.

All needs to take Yoga and also needs to show medical check-up report in every 6 months. We need to listen to the children about any misbehave/torture etc. they faced. Need to arrange special training about the meeting (Rules, Principles etc.) for the age-wise meeting attendees.

Need to arrange training on Cooking, ‘Hostoshilpo’ etc. for those who are educated but not engaged in formal jobs. Need to prepare visiting card after finalization of the foundation. Everybody will be designated by posts so that no questions will be asked by outside world.


Meeting attendees should be more responsible on their works. Every task will be time bounded.

We need to concentrate more on the Meeting room environment. Without proper/good environment meeting will not be effective. That’s why we need a formal place not the home for meeting. Our own music (light instrumental music and the sound of flowing water) should be played during the meeting… …it has some psychological effect on our mind. The sound of flowing water will refresh our ‘Kolb’. Fresh flower should be present and also we need to concentrate on the cleanliness of the meeting room environment .With this meeting, all our problems will be solved. Both our social & spiritual problems will be solved by this meeting minute rules activity. Everybody should have different responsibilities. ‘Gagotik’ problem, Private problem should be discussed separately. If anybody feels shy then problem can be written to ‘Baba’ in letters also. 

 1st and main objective of this meeting minute rules is to get the satisfaction of Allah and His Rasul (SM). Those who work for themselves are the fools. Betrayers will be punished. Punishment is for his/her safety in the future. The age group (minimum/maximum age) of the children team will be decided by the Seniors.

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