Hot Water Boiler System

Hot Water Boiler System – we are also supplier various types of boiler in Bangladesh. Type of Fuel: wood, jute, charcoal, gas etc. We are looking forward to get more order in this year. You are welcome to contact with us.

Steam Boiler

Coal Fired Boiler(1-40ton/h) (Chain grate boiler, fixed grate boiler) Biomass Fried Boiler(1-10Ton/h) (Chain grate boiler, fixed grate boiler) Oil/Gas Fired Boiler(1-25Ton/h) (Horizontal and vertical boiler) Electric Boiler(0.05-2Ton/h)

Hot Water Boiler

Coal Fired Hot Water Boiler System (0.7-21MW) (Chain grate boiler, fixed grate boiler) Biomass Fried Boiler(0.7-7MW)(Chain grate boiler, fixed grate boiler) Oil/Gas Fired Boiler(0.7-15.4) (Horizontal and vertical boiler) 

Machine Safety

  • first aid training not provided by doctor but other trainer e.g. sr. executive
  • trained first aid personnel on each production floor not sufficient
  • less than 1 first aider per floor per shift provided
  • first aiders are not well trained, certification and training not kept up to date or not available
  • machines without protective safety device (e.g. eye shields, pulley covers, safety cover, paddle guards on bartack machines, auto placket knitting machines, sewing machines etc.)
  • pulley guards found loose
  • sewing machines without needle guards
  • compressor machines not fenced in and don’t have relevant safety guards (to include any temporary placement of machinery)
  • compressor rooms not closed on all sides and not marked properly
  • pressing machines/pressing wires do not have adequate heat protective covers
  • ironing pipes without heat protection cover
  • steam pipe found wrapped with asbestos cover
  • no records kept for all Steam Boiler Maintenance Check List incl. electrical installations
  • air pressure checked reports not up to date
  • relevant certificates not available and not up to date for all machinery as required by law, such as generators
  • pressure vessel certificates missing for boiler and compressor
  • boiler certificate not up to date
  • Hot Water Boiler System operators do not have official competency certificate
  • competency certificate of electrician & generator operator not available
  • electric switchboards open and loose wiring found
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) for installation of diesel power generator missing (India)