Smoke tube boiler

  • Smoke Tube Boiler brand    : DAE LIM
  • y.o.m   : 2009
  • capacity : 6000KG/HR                                     
  • working system : fully auto 
  • 3pass, horizontal wet back system
  • Pressure : 16kg/cm2
  • Gas burner complete with strainer set and gas regulating system
  • 2sets vertical type water pumps
  • suitable for 6000kg
  • water level gauge
  • main valve
  • check valve
  • safety valve
  • blow valve
  • blower fan & motor
  • pressure gauge & switch
  • water softener
  • control panel


Shipment           : Within 50days after receipt of the L/C

Maintenance:  Boiler Maintenance  is essential

Origin               : Republic of Korea

Validity              1st Aug, 2013                      

Packing             : Export standard packing                       

Port of shipment            : Any Port in Korea

Transshipment    : Allowed

Partial shipment             : Not allowed

Destination        : Chittagong, Bangladesh

Payment                        : By 100% irrevocable at sight L/C in favor of us

Inspection          : Overseas Merchandise Inspection Co. Ltd (OMIC)



It is the responsibility of the Operation Manager, Merchandise Manager, Planning Manager and UK Planning Manager to ensure the implementation of this procedure.


First availability dates are agreed with the manufacturing unit and detailed on the business Critical Path.  From weekly production meetings / telephone conversations it is understood whether or not these dates can be achieved.  If the dates / Qty’s cannot be achieved the Factory informed to UK planning Manager and customer is advised in advance and a new flow is submitted.

As these qty’s detailed on the flow arrive in to the warehouse, they are made available to the customer weekly. (Where sizes are out of buying ratio factory will chase for the balance.)

Using the position to flow document stock levels is monitored and where potential issues arise the customer is inform by UK head office.

Fortnightly the customer may send through a backlog sheet showing their version of the contract position and where discrepancies exist between both documents, the customer is advise. This continues through the life of the style until all customer stock is sold.

Ratio control sheets are raised by the team and monitored weekly to make sure the stock is being produced to agreed ratios. Smoke Tube Boiler