Rising and falling Wiped film evaporator

Wiped Film Evaporator : It should preferably have these specifications. Shell dia. (0.D.)=2.5-3.5inch (SS), Nc. of tubes =2 mild steel (Copper), Outside dia. of each tube= 0.5inch, Effective length= 70inch, Heat transfer area=1.5ft2. Top pipe dia. for vapor = 1 inch, Height of calendria = 6 inch, Tapered 3inch top flash tank: D= 6inch, L=12 inch, Top plate = 9 inch dia. You can read Pe Film Blown Machine

Rising and falling wiped film evaporator Specification

  • Temperature indicators: Thermocouples K-Type with individual no. of 03 display units for both top plate and Still (03 No.)
  • Rotameter: Flow rate max. =20 lit/hr, dia.= 2inch, L=10 inch
  • Temperature indicators: Thermocouples K-Type with individual no. of 08 display units (08 No.) as: T1=Feed inlet temperature (Pre-heater), T2=Feed outlet temperature (Pre-heater), T3=Steam chest temperature, T4=Flash tank temperature, Ts=Product condensate inlet condenser, T6=Product outlet condenser, 7,=Cooling water inlet condenser, T8= Free
  • Feed Tank Dimensions: L= 12inch, W= 12inch, H= 17inch
  • Frame Dimensions: Length = 51inch, Width = 27 inch, H = 30 inch
  • Electrical Panel: W= 16inch, L =19.5inch, H= 16inch. (01 No.)
  • Auxiliaries: Steam pressure gauge, Condenser (shell and tube heat exchanger), Feed pre-heater (shell & tube heat exchanger).


Objects of different sizes, shapes and weights often fall from height on the construction site. Recently on the project a lot of incident involving materials falling from height has been recorded, we must steop materials from falling.

The major case of falling objects from height is poor housekeeping and material arrangement. If materials are not properly arranged, secured and kept in the work platforms, there will be continuous incident on falling objects.

Housekeeping – It means cleaning of the work area to remove materials that are not needed and keeping the ones needed in an orderly manner.

Materials not properly kept can drop, it can also be kicked off, pushed, rolled or slipped off. Remember, all these are caused by human mistakes.

  • Prevention Of Falling Objects
  • Practice good house keeping (clean your work area daily)
  • Arrange and secure all material properly at height
  • Do not over load platform with materials
  • Secure all pipes, beams and other materials to prevent them from rolling off
  • During lifting, be sure that the lifting materials will be able to carry the load you intend to lift without dropping the load from height.
  • Ensure the load is properly hooked, tie the tag line on the load and not on the web sling, control load well, do not allow it to swing and contact other structures/materials
  • Do not leave nuts, bolts and other off cuts of material on platforms and beams
  • Put all nuts, bolts and other small pieces into buckets, bags or containers
  • Tie down tools at height (ratchet, hammer etc) a lot of workers still work at height with tools that can fall without tying them
  • Do not carry items in your pocket or hand while climbing ladders
  • Do not remove toe board from platforms (they are designed to protect materials from falling).
  • Do not stack too many materials at height or at the edge of platforms (scaffold pipe, pipe supports etc).
  • If possible don’t use rope to lift material that can be carried by hand Wiped Film Evaporator