Plastic Staple Machine

Plastic Staple Machine used for tacking the garments after washing this garments will marked where the tag is attached.

The composition/wash care labels

Labels must be in white polyester satin with printed information in black.

Exception- all the garments that undergo an overdyeing process, you are allowed to use a woven label OR you will have to protect the labels with a polybag before the overdyeing process., if the label is printed.

There are three labels –

  • The composition label
  • The wash/care label
  • Label with the reference number+ supplier code (which shall be communicated to you by the concerned buyer at the beginning of the season
  • The composition label
  • Dimensions 12cmx3,5cm
Type of information
  • The composition of the garment outshell and the lining should be mentioned in the following European languages and in the following order -ENGLISH/ FRENCH/ GERMAN/ ITALIAN/ SPANISH/ PORTUGUESE/ DUTCH
  • The repartition in percentage must appear in the decreasing order e.g. 50% COTTON / 48% POLYESTER / 2% ELASTANE
  • the country of origin in the aforesaid language order.
  • the wash care label

Dimensions 12cmx3,5cm

  • wash care instructions. You must communicate to the buyer the wash a specific garment may or may not undergo, who in turn shall make the final decision depending on the saleability of the product and making sure that a particular washing instruction does not hinder the selling of the garment.

The respective size of the garment

Wash/care symbols

Be careful, you have to put the wash care symbols in the following order from this year

  • first letter represents the washing symbol
  • second letter the bleaching symbol
  • third letter the tumble drying symbol
  • fourth letter the ironing symbol
  • fifth letter the professional dry-cleaning symbol
  • sixth letter the wet-cleaning symbol
  • seventh letter the natural drying symbol (ISO 3758 only)
  • the style name and supplier code label
  • Dimensions 5cmx3,5cm
  • The style name e.g. M1GATOR J2
  • Colour
  • Size
  • The supplier code in 3 letters e.g. GRE
  • (Greenhouse exports becomes GRE)


  • All the three labels must be placed in the following order
  • The wash-care label on the bottom
  • The compo label on top of the wash care label
  • The style name label on top of the compo label

Hydro extractor

Hydro extractor is the m/c by which water is remove from garments . After wash we put the garments into hydro. When hydro is moving with high speed that time materials and water wants to go out side butmaterials can not out but water will go. About 70%-80% water is removed by this process.


This dyer m/c is used for drying the garments after wash is called dryer. Dryer are basically two types.

Gas dryer : In this dryer gas is directly burned & heat is produced then applied on garments.

Steam dryer : In this dryer steam is converted to heat exchanger then the heat is applied on garments & dry.


Plastic Staple Machine is very essential for rmg industry