Purchasing Policy

PURPOSE – Purchasing Policy

The purpose of this procedure is to ensure purchased products conform to the specified quality and quantity requirements. We sale E Procurement System Software , Supplier and Vendor Management Process Software and Application of E Commerce. Online Electronics Shopping Software


This procedure applies to all products purchased by the Merchandise Department.


The Merchandise Manager and team are responsible for ensuring this procedure is adhered to.


Purchasing Transaction

Purchase orders raised on behalf of Sri Lanka by the Merchandise Team via the product specification raised by Head Office.

It is the responsibility of the Financial Accountant, Operation Manager, Merchandising Manager, Pattern Technical Manager, Cutting Room Manager, Senior Industrial Engineer & Merchandisers to ensure the implementation of this procedure.Each new product specification supersedes any other before.

Purchasing transactions do not take place without a product specification.

Each purchase order raised is giving it a unique number.

A signed hard copy of this order is then faxed to the relevant supplier.

Purchasing Labels

When purchasing labels the procedure differs in the fact that the information for labels is taken from the UPC sheet.

A copy of the U.P.C. sheet is sent with the purchase order to the supplier.

On receipt of every delivery of labels, they are checked against the U.P.C. sheet to confirm that all details are correct. A checklist is filled in.

This information is then used by purchasing, along with allowances for wastage and seconds, to recalculate correct volumes for raw materials.No verbal instructions are accepted without documentation.

Recording Purchases

At this point product spec and costing can be updated.  This should ideally be concluded in one week.All purchases are recorded on delivery by stores personnel using a register clearly stating supplier, date of receipt, order number and advice note

This is then given a register number and signed for its approval for purchasing policy

If variance to costing is no greater than 3% then product spec / costing can be updated accordingly. with production unit and figures reconciled a concession must also be obtained signed by the Commercial Director.  This then clears the order.


Purchasing Policy -Each advice note is given a unique number called a GRN number and this is updated in SAGE for future reference.