Portable Washer / Front Loading Washing Machine:

Auto front loading washing machine or portable washer is completely controlled by computer system that has frequency to adjust the machine speed as well as man-machine conversation to adjust washing program and it has clear LCD screen display. Vertical portable washer is highly –developed and improved from many years’ experience and combing new garment processing technology. It is suitable for washing garment made of various materials, such as cotton, wool, linen, fiber and etc. Portable Washer is post stage of washer extractor

Washing Procedure:

  • Before going for washing, washing factory has to have wash standard in their hand.
  • Washing formula & recipe should be followed properly.
  • Receive garments from the garments factory and keep proper record.
  • Received garments s/b segregated lot/shade wise.
  • Start dry process.
  • Wet process by using
  • Again dry process.
  • Quality check.
  • Do the measurement before wash and after wash, keep proper record.
  • For the measurement deviation washing factory should inform to the garments factory for their proper correction.
  • Shade segregation.
  • Send ok pcs to the garments factory.
  • More about maintenance and repair of Gas Dryer

More about Washing Procedure:

Development stage:

  • First of all we receive Tech Pack and wash standard from the Buyer.
  • We start developing with the garments factory.
  • Garments factory make sample by following similar fabric and send it to washing factory to develop the sample as like the standard (colour, hand fell and wash look).
  • Autogarment PD/wash technician is responsible to follow this part.

Fit sample stage:

  • We should follow the development sample comments to develop the fit sample.
  • We do prefer to use the original fabric at the fit sample stage to get the actual look and fitting.

P.P sample stage:

  • We should follow the fit sample comments to develop the P.P sample.
  • P sample s/b along with all actual.
  • Pls remember: Approved P.P sample is the Autogarment Bible.
  • The order is valid when P.P sample is approved

TOP sample stage:

  • We should follow the P.P sample approval comments to get the correct TOP sample.
  • Pls remember: Without getting the TOP approval comments we can’t ship the goods.

Wash range approval:

  • Washing factory should receive Pilot production pcs from the garments factory.
  • Pilot production s/b within 300 pcs covering all colours & sizes.
  • We do prefer to get all shades during pilot production.
  • Washing factory should wash all shades together as test and do the shades segregation to get the wash range approval from Autogarment wash technician.
  • Approval wash range 01 set s/b kept in washing factory, 01 set in Garments factory, 01 set for Autogarment QA and 01 set keeping by Autogarment

Kinds of Washing:

  • Garments wash
  • Rinse wash
  • Silicon wash
  • Enzyme wash
  • Enzyme bleach wash
  • Bleach wash
  • Acid wash
  • Stone wash
  • Stone enzyme wash
  • Stone enzyme bleach wash
  • Pigment wash

How to Clean a Front Loading Washing Machine:

Do you know how to clean a front loading washing machine? It is very simple to clean washing machine. We can use bleach and vinegar to clean a washing machine. First fill the front loading washing machine with hot water and mix 4 cup of bleach. After mixing bleach turn on the machine 1 hour to clean the machine. After completing bleach process mix vinegar for cleaning the machine.

Front Loading Washing Machine Parts:

The washing machine parts are listed below

Front Loading Washing Machine Parts
Washing Machine Parts
  1. Dye container
  2. Automatic control system
  3. Full stainless steel
  4. Sampling door
  5. PLC control
  6. Control box
  7. PLC control

Chemic Container of Front Loading Washing Machine :

User could select the quantity of dye chemic containers to work requirements, as least 1 Pc within 30 liter and totally 4 PCS within 50 liters. The 50 liter container is including mixer motor.

Feature of Front Loading Washing Machines:

  • Front loading washing machines capable of 38 rpm for washing & dyeing
  • Front loading washing machines have Pneumatic valves control heating and water inlet, drains
  • With water flowmeter in dia 1 inch
  • Portable washer have PLC controllers, ease to switch the control styles between automatic and manual
  • Special indirect heating design with temperature control;
  • 30 liters dyeing container, programed control dyeing inlet;
  • Portable washer has special Sample door design, checking without machine stop;

Some Disadvantage of  Front Loading Washing Machines:

  1. Not enough workable place
  2. Factory Showing production plan  not given  to washing plant
  3. Washing Plant R & D department not yet.
  4. Quality team not strong
  5. Sample room people need training for denim
  6. Washing plant need planning department
  7. Not enough lead time for wash
  8. Dry process section  not standard  level and place
  9. Factory people not informed to washing people  attend for PP meeting
  10. Measurement issues coming from casual wear

Specifications of Bosch Washer / Front Loading Washing Machines :

Specification of bosch washer is given below-

Specifications NameSpecifications Value
Product CategoryWashing
Machine CategoryWashing Machine
Product NameBosch Washer
Product ModelAccording to Manufacturer
Product ClassNew
OriginMade in China
Brand/ ManufacturerName of Manufacturer
Agent in BangladeshNo/Yes
Production Capacity110 Pounds – 50 Kgs
Inner Drum Dia1080x730mm in 3mm thickness S/S#304
Outer Drum Dia1050x800mm in 2mm thickness S/S#304
Motor Power2.2 kw (1440 RPM)
Inverter2.2 kw (7200MA)
PLC7 inch Touch screen
Weight900 kgs
Automatic TypeAutomatic
Air pressure0.4-0.6Mpa
steam pressur0.3-0.4kw
DescriptionPortable washer should use carefully