Purpose Performance Requirements Policy

Performance Requirements Policy – To ensure that at Auto  Shirt Mfg. Ltd recruitment is done as per set standard. aaa Scope of Performance Requirements Policy This Performance Requirements Policy applies to recruitment process of all employees of the company except Managers and Executives. Increment Policy is also essential Reference 2006, Employment of Labours (Standing Orders) Act2006 Factories Act.Performance Requirements Policy

Any body with age of 18 years and above can apply irrespective of Ethnic Background, Religion, Caste and Gender. Recruitment will be done as per merit and competency.PM/PO and Respective Section In charge will be held responsible for recruitment of any production related manpower. But recruitment will not cross the limit set by the management as per designation.The incumbent will under go an interview conducted by Production representative and Admin representative. This will be noted in the particular form.

After that, the incumbent will be taken in the respective section to observe practical efficiency. On satisfactory result, the incumbent will be recruited temporarily and a temporary ID Card with PROXIMITY card to be issued, duely signed by Admin Manager.

Within 07 days, 02 (One) copy of recent passport size and 01 (One) copy Stamp size photograph, Educational certificate(s), Age verification certificate for 18 years or above and Nationality/ Chairman certificate to be deposited to Admin department. In turn, Appointment letter along with these documents will be submitted to the competent authority for final approval.

On duely signed by the competent authority, he will be treated as a permanent employee and will be entitled to get his payment and benefits. Admin department will notify & furnish the pay related information & documents to the accounts section.

Section or Department head should recommend the salary keeping in view that, workers of same status and quality exists in the factory are not deprived and does not affect their morale.In case of continuous 10 (Ten) or more days absence, his/her service will be taken as terminated automatically as per “The Employment of Labour (Standing Orders) Act, 2006 Section 23 (4) (d)”. In replacement, new worker(s) can be recruited as per procedures mentioned above.


This policy is NOT subject to periodic audit to maintain its effectiveness. End of Performance Requirements Policy